How To Creatively Update Your Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom can seem like a daunting task. Whether you are looking to enhance functionality, create visual appeal or increase energy efficiency, there are numerous ways to give these areas of your home a unique makeover. Keeping a few things in mind can help you turn your old bathroom into a relaxing oasis.

Upgrade Design Elements

Older bathrooms are notorious for their laminate countertops, carpet flooring and colored toilets. Replacing worn-out counters with quartz, marble or porcelain slabs can create a modern and sleek look, while installing vanities with adequate storage can help keep small spaces organized. Painting bathroom cabinets Milwaukee WI can help minimize expenses, display one’s sense of style and create a contrasting design feature. Installing new chrome, brushed nickel or stainless steel hardware can easily transform an outdated bathroom.

Apply Fresh Paint

Moisture and humidity commonly cause bathroom walls to peel. Applying a fresh coat of paint is a great way to hide any signs of wear and tear and maintain a fresh appearance. Lighter color palettes may be more advantageous as they create the illusion of a larger room and can easily match with the use of various building materials. Wallpaper can be a nice alternative if you are looking to incorporate a subtle texture or pattern.

Incorporate Accessories

Colorful artwork, scented candles and decorative soap dispensers are simple ways to showcase your personality and add visual appeal to your bathroom. Matching towel sets coupled with a light and airy shower curtain can help add dimension and create a more luxurious feel. If you are looking to sell your home, you might find it beneficial to choose a theme that can appeal to the masses. Creating a bathroom that is too specific may deter potential buyers who don’t share similar tastes. 

Bathrooms need to be updated throughout the years. Knowing a few simple tips can help you make this process as effortless as possible.


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