How to decorate a living room 

A living room is the default part of the house that you gather guests, family, and friends. Not only that; the living room is the spot where you have almost everything going on. It’s ideal for you to get your living room looking polished and clean with some lovely decorations. Depending on what theme you choose for it, your decorations would have to be in sync with what you have chosen.

Here are steps for decorating a living room:


For every decoration, planning is important. It could be based on budget or on the items that you want to have in the living room. Apart from making the room look beautiful, you’ll have to plan how to arrange furniture in such a way that they are easily accessible to you and your household.

If you cannot afford luxurious decorations, checking out more affordable furniture in the market would be a wise decision. Budgeting is a great strategy to plan a great decoration.

Couch Arrangement

How do you want your couches to be positioned? You’d want to have your couches arranged in such a way that there is a central focus. The couch arrangement would also depend on the other furniture in the living room. If there’s going to be a centre table, ensure that your couches surround the table and have wide spaces for people to pass through.

Monuments and Statues

Paintings, sculptures, and statues are majorly for art appreciation, but they are essential when it comes to decoration. Hotels, schools, and commercial locations have them so that outsiders could get attracted to their buildings. But once you have it in your living room, you’ll see the beautiful statues every day and attract guests to your home. To get them, find a large collection of statues on this website to get started.

The living area is where people spend a lot of time  to talk which you tend to welcome guests. As such, the living area got to be reposeful and packed with love. The planning and feel of the contemporary walls of the living room square measure typically redoubled by stunningly elegant paintings. It doesn’t matter, however, merely purchase a beautiful painting and droop it on the wall. Choosing the proper painting as a wall vogue, theme, and color can enhance the aesthetic read of the living room. Moreover, it’s a variety of a mirror to the soul, a painting. Our taste, characters, and history square measure reflected by the painting you decide on for your home. If you’re an associate art admirer with an associate interest in Original and modern paintings for living room , IndianartZone has one thing distinctive to supply for everyone!

Lighting set-up

Choosing good lighting for your living room is important. You could have coloured whites and white lights at the same time. They could have different switches. But if you prefer one type of light, ensure that it lights up your living room. A chandelier is a great option for a luxury living room. With different kinds of chandeliers in the market, you’re able to choose the one that’s right for you.

Apart from artificial light, make room for natural light. The curtains should have a provision for natural light options. There should be accessories that hold the curtains so that natural light from the sun can go into the house easily. Also, it’s ideal for the natural light to be distributed evenly.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are great furniture for living rooms. Different patterns on the pillows make the room look more attractive than it could get. When decorating with the throw pillows, they should be positioned at the sides or the centre of each couch. A large couch can have about four throw pillows.


You could decorate the living room with a centre rug and one at the entrance. The rug at the entrance could be for cleaning one’s shoes before going in. Also, the centre rug could be arranged under the centre table and extend beyond the width of the table. Fluffy rugs are also comfy and cosy for pets if you have one. Your pet would enjoy the warm rug and its fuzziness.


There are different table arrangements in the living room. Depending on how you want to use the tables, they should be arranged in different sections. Some could be at a corner, while others could be arranged beside each couch. However you arrange the small tables, ensure that the biggest one is always at the centre of the room.

Textures and Patterns

The walls and floors should have patterns that fit your style. Your walls and floors can have a theme that is uniform to all other parts of the room. Clocks, curtains, and other items should have a design that works well with the theme of the entire room.

Once you have a well thought out plan on decorating, your home would be more hospitable and attractive to your household and guests. Also, you can always feel comfortable whenever you need to relax there in the afternoons.

Clare Louise

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