How to Ensure that Your Sound Systems Last

Now that there have been reports of the new COVID-19 strain that has entered the country, there is a possibility that another lockdown is implemented. It means that people have to work from home again, and they have to find ways to entertain themselves in the safety of their houses. There are a ton of ways you could do to improve your home and turn it into a place where you can get the best way to experience your entertainment, such as installing a soundbar or system in Singapore! These are the equipment that you would want to put your money in since the country, and all over the world for that matter, is expecting the health crisis to extend this year.

To ensure that your investment lasts until you get its full return, you should know these tips on how you can maintain them! Whether you plan to get other sound equipment, such as headphones, you must know the ways of keeping them in good condition.

Your Headphones

Nothing beats the sound quality of a new pair of headphones! With your work-from-home set-up, this is the type of accessory that you should invest in because it comes with a quality microphone plus you have the privacy of keeping the sounds to yourself. To take care of these perks, you should:

  • Be mindful of your cable

Unless you invested in quality wireless headphones, you should be careful with how you manage your headphones’ cable. It is one of the most important rules for maintaining this type of equipment because, without it, you will experience choppy sounds and dysfunctional microphone. Using the storage pouch that comes with your headphones or securing the cable with a twist tie or velcro wrap will help you enjoy plenty of years together!

  • Keep them clean

Circumaural or over-the-ear type of headphones need cleaning as much as you do with your earphones. The earpads, specifically, can get sweaty from regular use, but you can rinse them off. Before you do this, you must know the IP rating of your device first because some headphones have removable ear pads that can be replaced. Check with your store to know if they offer a stand-alone earpads accessory.

  • Get them a stand

Especially if you have wireless headphones, you must invest in getting its stand on your working table. Aside from your easy access, keeping your headphones upright will prevent your cable from getting stepped on. It will also help in reducing the clutter from your desk!

Your Earphones

Earphonescan also give you high-quality listening experience without sacrificing comfort and dependability. More than that, they are easy to bring with you anywhere that you go, unlike your headphones, which is better used with a PC or a laptop. If you want to enjoy more time with your earphones, here’s what you should do to extend their lifespan:

  • Store them in the right place

Unlike your headphones, earphones don’t necessarily need a stand to keep them safe. However, it doesn’t mean that you should keep them anywhere that you like. It is a big no-no, especially if you have wireless earphones. Place them in their pouch or case and away from moist areas whenever you are done using them

  • Clean them regularly

Like how you treat your headphones, keeping your earphones clean is vital as well. They are trickier to clean since there are various elements that they could shelter, such as earwax that could block out the treble and alter its stereo image. Buy earwax cleaning tools to keep this dirt and earwax from damaging your in-ear sound equipment.

  • Replace the sleeves

While earphones are designed to last for plenty of years, the silicon sleeves that come with it are bound to degrade over time. When this happens, your earphones ability to block ambient noises that compromise the sound quality. To audiophiles, they ensure that they replace it regularly, and you could learn this from them so don’t throw away the spare rubbers or silicone sleeves that come with your earphones!

Your Sound Bar

Films become a much enjoyable experience when they are seen on a big screen with surround sound! Not a lot of people know that you can replicate this at home. All you need is a projector or a large TV and a soundbar. With these, you could enjoy a theatre-like experience without the threat of contracting the virus! Of course, you must maintain it to have a fun Friday film night with your family. Let these tips help you out.

  • Organise their wires

For your safety and the maintenance of your soundbar, you must organize their wires. It will prevent you from tripping on them and keep a clutter-free floor. Using a wire organizer will help you with this. You could ask the store employees to help you hide the wires and keep the cords bound.

  • Place them in a suitable temperature

Some machines are sensitive to temperature, including sound systems. Too hot places could burn down some of its components, or it could make component age earlier than they should. Keep them away from heat sources and away from damp surroundings! Or even better get a professional team from The Grid to help you properly place all your sound equipment so they won’t get ruined.

  • Inspect them regularly

When not in use, all power from your soundbar must be turned off. It will help reduce the rise in your electric bill and prevent them from overheating. Ensure that there is nothing faulty with them by inspecting them regularly, this includes the possibility of chewed cables.

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