How to Get The Most Out Of Your Attendance At’s Autumn Online Trade Show?

Over the past few years, technology has become an enormous part of our lives, and the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that point even further. Today, everyone relies more on the Internet to gather information, and more importantly, to reach out to others.

Our current situation forced us to adapt and make uncomfortable yet imperative changes, such as attending a virtual event. We have seen its incredible growth for the past year, and now hosting an online trade show has become more common.

Many people prefer it since it is much safer and more convenient. However, the only problem is that virtual events are still in infancy, and to the majority of people, it remains a complete mystery.

That is why if you want to unveil the mystery of a virtual trade show, now is your chance. Alibaba is hosting an Autumn Online Trade Show starting from October 18 to October 30, PT. For more information about what awaits you there, watch this short clip:

To help you successfully attend’s Autumn Online Trade Show, we prepared everything you need to know. The following information can help you get the most out of the virtual trade show once you attend. 

4 Attendees Should Do When They Attend’s Autumn Online Trade Show


Create A List Of Key Takeaways.

The key takeaways (the type of products or services) are the things you would like to get and use from the virtual trade show. Since you will get a chance to connect directly with 9,900 leading suppliers at’s, make sure to listen to them carefully and note down anything that interests you. 

Keep in mind that when you have key areas to focus on, you can quickly decide which digital trade show exhibit booth you should go to or Q&A session you should attend and discuss your business needs.

Never Be A Spectator, But Participate!

Like when you attend a traditional face-to-face trade show, you should have a goal in mind. You should know that if you go to an online trade show as an attendee only to listen to people talking all the time, you are burning yourself out. 

Prevent that from happening when you attend the trade show exhibit of online. Make sure to gather valuable insights by participating in their activities, such as CEO Live sessions. Doing so might help you find demand products and unique services that could further improve your business.

Also, once you join, try to converse with other attendees you don’t know and use the live chat given at a virtual trade show to expand your network and connections. 

Be Familiar With The Platform To Avoid Tech-Issues.

Even though you do not have to travel far to attend an online trade show, you should still need to make preparations. One of which is grasping how to use the software system the host of the virtual event will be using. 

Knowing the ins and outs of the trade show exhibit can save you time dealing with technical issues, like not knowing where to place your questions with the premium suppliers. You could also know what to do when your internet connection suddenly fluctuates and forces you to leave a virtual event.

Make Time With Existing Connections.

Whether in-person or an online trade show, many people attend one when searching for something new, like trend setting products. 

However, if you already have connections with one of the top premium suppliers, you should make time and meet with them. Doing so should give you more chance to learn more about the said supplier and weigh if they are the best fit for your business. 

4 Exhibitors Should Do When They Attend’s Autumn Online Trade Show


Make a Presentation.

When you are one of the exhibitors at a trade show exhibit, your primary goal is to showcase your products and services in the best way possible. To do that, you have to create a presentation that would capture the attention of the attendees, nudging them to make a purchase.

That is why you should keep your presentation short but be descriptive and creative as much as possible. Doing so would help you generate leads and create brand exposure for your business. 

Just make sure to keep tabs on the attendees that ask you questions during your presentation. They might be the potential customers that would like to do business deals with you. 

Do Follow Up After The Virtual Event.

Once your turn to present your trend setting products and unique services ends, consider following up with any potential customers you meet. However, before reaching out to them, you need to prepare yourself even further, so you can spark conversion and motivate them to purchase. 

Therefore, double-check the topic you would like to follow up on and be ready to answer more questions related to what you offer. If they notice you well-prepared, they would most likely trust you and consider you as one of their leading suppliers.

Also, when following up, set aside a few hours after the event before sending them an email. If you do it right away, your email might get buried with all the emails they receive.

Sponsor An Activity.

For more brand exposure, you should also consider sponsoring some activities at an online trade show. Not only that gives your business a VIP introduction, but attendees would most likely remember your brand’s logo. And when they see that later on, they would become interested in checking out your offerings. 

Enjoy Yourself!

As an exhibitor, you should know that online trade shows have more efficient sourcing. That is why you should enjoy your time interacting, connecting, and communicating with both exhibitors and attendees. Doing so should help you expand your network and customer base.


Being nimble and well-prepared is crucial to getting the most out of your attendance at’s Autumn Online Trade Show. You would be able to connect with their leading suppliers and enjoy the global exhibition experience

For in-depth information about’s Autumn Online Trade Show, go to their website. They prepared several materials that could help you and address most of your concerns.

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