How to Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen Renovation

Upgrading your kitchen can be one of the best decisions you make as a homeowner. Not only does the appearance of your kitchen improve, the value of your home increases. Taking the time to plan your renovation will prevent problems throughout the process and keep worries to a minimum. Focus on the changes that will have the biggest impact to get the most out of your renovation.

Plan For New Appliances

If your appliances are outdated and may need to be replaced soon, consider choosing new appliances as part of the upgrade. This will ensure they match the style of your new kitchen and fit in your new space. You also won’t have to worry about a dishwasher installation Washington DC or removal of heavy appliances.

Choose New Flooring

Natural wood flooring can improve the look of your kitchen dramatically. Some homeowners have the delight of finding original hardwood beneath the floors they tear up. If you’re not into the wood look, luxury vinyl tiles are another option. As laminate flooring becomes outdated, vinyl tiles are the new trend. With a variety of styles, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for to match the aesthetic you want.

Consider Open Shelving

Open shelving can provide extra storage space with a unique twist. If you love to decorate or have a special collection of dishes, open shelving gives you a way to display your favorite items.

A lot of thought goes into a kitchen renovation and you want to make decisions based on what works best for you. Do you want to improve the flow through your kitchen, increase the storage space or update your cabinets? Only you know the specific things in your kitchen that you wish were different. Peruse decorating sites or Pinterest and create mood boards to help you envision the exact kitchen you want.

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