Today with the rapidly increasing use of the internet, children too are consuming the Internet, social media, and all other things. However we all know that the world of the internet is not very safe for them, they are most likely to find out things not meant for them intentionally or unintentionally. Along with that, there are a lot of people out there in some parts of the world who want to harm your kid. They are using unlawful tactics to affect the brain of your child and harm them emotionally, monetarily, or physically. Thus keeping your child safe from all such kinds of activities becomes supremely important. Here are a few guidelines to prevent and safeguard your child from such online crimes.

The most important and the best way to keep your child out of this is to educate them properly. Educate and wan them thoroughly about the malware, potentially harmful websites. Take them in your confidence and then explain these things, try it to be more like a conversation, not a lecture. Your child uses their mobile or tablets in the common area of the house so that any adult in the house can always keep a watch on them. Another way for you to keep your child safe online, is to install a security application like norton mobile, which detects and remove any spyware and malware in your devices.

The most important role is played by the family in order to keep the child safe from all kinds of internet crimes. You must educate them properly and they too must understand some basic ground rules like not to talk to a stranger on the internet and never try to meet them. One step that you can do is making them browse the web with you, just like watching a movie together. This will help them greatly to build the sense of righteousness.

Parents must be very active while allowing their kid to surf the internet without restrictions you must know all of their passwords, keep on checking their history regularly. If they are signing up for a new website then you must make sure that the particular website is incorrect according to your age. If the website is 18+ then you need to prohibit your kid to use that and they need to understand that this prohibition is for their good only. You must be very careful in selecting an online learning platform for your kid. Lido learning is one such app, with high standards of safety and security for the kids. You must check out the curriculum and book a free trial class to experience yourself

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