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Even though all HDB units have a gate with an aesthetic design, homeowners should not take it for granted. Despite Singapore having one of the lowest global crime rates, that does not mean you will leave your home wide and open.

If that is what you have been doing, you should know that the world is not a safe place anymore. Your privacy is at risk without a gate for your HDB unit, which is why you need to learn how to take good care of it so it will last for a long time.

Without proper care and maintenance, even wrought iron gates will wear and tear with content use. The moment the quality of your door deteriorates, it can no longer keep you safe while you are inside.

The only way to secure your safety is to keep your HDB gate and its design looking good as new. Start taking good care of your door now by following the tips, instructions, and recommendations written in this article.

4 Tips For Cleaning An HDB Gate



Cleaning may not be your cup of tea like everyone else, but everyone loves to keep their home clean. Since an HDB gate and its design is part of your residence, it only makes sense why you should take good care of it.

Listed below are some tips that can help clean your HBD gate so it will look good as new.

Watch Out For Any Damage

Before cleaning your HDB gate with a microfibre cloth, you need to inspect all sides for any damage. Chipping, flaking, or blistering is the type of damage you should watch out for since you need to call an expert to repair and fix the damaged areas.

If you clean otherwise, the damaged areas might get worse, which leaves you to get a new one.

Replace the Weather stripping

Since Singapore has a tropical climate, suffering from air leaks at home is high. To prevent air leaks from seeping through the gap between the frame and your HDB gate, you should replace the weatherstripping.

Weatherstripping is a kind of material that seals the opening to prevent air leaks from seeping through the inside.

Perform Periodic Lubrication

You can secure your privacy by lubricating the gate of your HDB unit. Remember that without proper lubrication, its moving parts like the hinges, rollers and tracks might produce some noise. Closing or opening might also require more force than usual.

Make sure to perform periodic lubrication every six months or at least once a year.

Recoat Finishing

After cleaning all the sides of your HDB gate, including its design, you need to recoat the finishing. Applying a coat will add protection from anything that can cause damage to your HDB door, like moisture, dust, and many more.

2 HDB Gate Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Even though cleaning an HDB gate might seem easy, some people commit costly mistakes. Before cleaning your HDB gate, be sure you are aware of what mistakes you should avoid.

Here are the common mistakes below.

Use Pressure Washers

Even though a pressure washer is great for cleaning cars, it is not ideal for an HDB gate. Using this machine will only cause damage to your entry door.

When cleaning your HDB door, you only need to use a microfiber cloth with soapy water to wipe all the sides.

Using Dirty Sponge

While using a dirty sponge causes no physical damage to your HDB gate and its design, it can put your health at risk. Instead of cleaning your entryway, you might leave more bacteria and germs.

Be sure to use a new microfibre cloth when cleaning your HDB gate and not use the ones you already used in your bathroom area or sink.

4 Steps For Cleaning An HDB Gate


If this is the first time you have considered cleaning your HDB gate, chances are you do not know what you need to do besides the tips and mistakes to avoid mentioned above.

In that case, the following steps can help you with that. Make sure to take your time on each step before moving on to the next so your HDB gate and its design will remain looking new.

Step #1: Start Dusting

The first step you need to take when cleaning your HDB gate is to start dusting. Consider dusting from the top to the bottom to guarantee all areas are dust-free.

Step #2: Wash Lightly

Wasting light means you will not have any cleaning products with harsh chemicals to clean your HDB gate, or else its design will get ruined. Such incidents often happen if you have a wooden HDB door.

When cleaning your HDB door, the only cleaning solution you can use is gently soapy water.

Step #2: Remove Stubborn Stains

The next step you need to take when cleaning your HDB gate is to remove any stubborn stains like pen marks that your child drew while you are not looking.

You should consider the material of your HDB door so you can remove the stubborn stains and not cause further damage. Strive help from your HDB door supplier for professional cleaning tricks if you are not sure what you should use.

Step #4: Wipe Door Handles

With constant use of opening and closing the HDB gate, the door handles or knobs are the dirtiest part of it. Make sure after washing it, disinfect with alcohol.


Need A New HDB Gate With A Cool Design?

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Since Liminal is a door and gate supplier that has helped many homeowners to have an impeccable residence, you can rest assured that the quality of their doors and accessories are top-quality products.

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