How to Keep Your Home Organized After Your Hire an Organizer

Clutter has a way of sneaking up on you, and by the time you realize it’s there, it can become overwhelming. Professional organizing services Dallas TX advise their clients to follow these tips to maintain an organized home after they organize.

Work on New Habits

Forming new habits is as essential to remaining clutter-free as purging useless or unwanted items. Sacrificing a moment’s convenience to complete a task immediately is better than putting it off until it becomes hours of work. For example, if you habitually let your incoming mail pile up until it becomes a small mountain, take a few minutes to toss the junk and review the rest daily.

Resist the Urge To Acquire

Maintain an ongoing list of things you need to purchase as you remember them and limit your discretionary spending. If you are susceptible to sales and online shopping, refer to your list before making a purchase. If you need to replace an existing item, make sure you discard it before acquiring a new one. What if you want that pair of shoes but don’t need it? Try setting up a bank account where you can deposit the money you would have spent on the shoes. A savings account is one place where it’s ok to accumulate.

Create a Schedule To Give Things Away

Start filling a box with items to send to goodwill every season. Pre-arrange a fixed number of pick-ups every year to inspire you to fill the box. If you spend more than a few minutes thinking about whether or not to give something away, this is a sign that you probably don’t need it.

Don’t Over Organize

An organization plan that you can maintain is one that doesn’t require too much thought and effort. Complicated filing or storage systems with multiple layers can be challenging to understand and remember, leading to mistakes that can also promote disorganization. General categories are easier to maintain over time.

Keep a Receptacle In Every Room

Decluttering your home is manageable if it doesn’t take too much effort. If you need to stop and take time to find a place to store things you come across and want to give away or discard, you will be less likely to follow through. Instead, keep a box or bag in which to place these items in each room of your home.

Breaking old habits can be difficult, but working on some new ones can create a path to a well-organized home.

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