How to Learn Rummy Fast and Free?

If you are one of those people who have always been left out from the group because you do not know rummy card games, it is high time you learn the game yourself. Here we are trying to explain how to learn rummy fast and free. Read along and tell us whether these tips seem sensible and useful:

Decide Which Variation of Rummy You Wish to Learn

Every card game usually has several variations of which some are extremely popular. You need to decide first which card game you wish to play so that you can start looking for the rules governing the particular Indian rummy gamevariation.

Take Time to Read All the Rules and Regulations of The Game

Once you have decided which variation of rummy to play and learn, go to posts on that particular variation. Read the rules that answer to you the following questions:

  • What is a sequence?
  • What is a set?
  • What is a natural/pure sequence?
  • What is a real/artificial sequence?
  • What is Scoot/pass?
  • How are points calculated in rummy?
  • How many players can play the chosen variation?
  • How many decks of cards are required?
  • What is a joker?
  • What is the role of the blank card?
  • What are picture cards?

Read A Few Posts on Rummy Tips and Tactics

Just knowing the rules of the game does not make you an expert player. You also need to know some tricks and tactics to challenge the opponent in the game. That is why you need to read some posts on the same. It will help to broaden the horizon and think of new ways to win the same old game.

The tips will speak of the following things:

  • Ways to reduce points in the hand
  • The best time to pass your game
  • Ways to rearrange sequences to minimise points
  • The right use of jokers and blank cards

Watch Rummy Tutorial Videos Online

The audio-visual medium is so popular because most of us understand better when we see a live demo and just reading posts does not always help. That is why we recommend you to watch videos on rummy tutorials by Khelplay Rummy and other popular rummy sites. It will help you understand the rules you have read about better. It will also help to fix in mind the tactics that you learnt from the posts.

Play Rummy Online Using Practice Chips

Even when you are thoroughly confident that you can beat your opponents in a cash game, it is a good idea to start playing with practice chips first. This will help you understand how to play the game on the online platform. It will also help you get acquainted with the online terminology. Playing a few rounds of practice games will naturally add to your confidence in the game.

Go Ahead and Play a Rummy Tournament When You Feel Confident

Once this is achieved, you can go ahead and be a part of rummy tourneys if you wish to. Rummy is a great way to spend your free time when you are in a train or stuck in the midst of traffic on your way to office. The app has been designed so that players can easily play while on the go.

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