How to Manage Multiple Authors Using Authors Bio Box Plugins on WordPress

Blog owners are increasingly implementing author boxes on their website. It is an effective way to give credit to its authors, and build a credible image on the web. Use of author box for WordPress will help you show that you consider regular contributors as columnists, and not just the “guests”. 

It helps to create a relationship with readers, and enhance the number of repeat visitors too. Many websites have more than one author. In that case, a good author bio box plugin like Simple Author Box Pro can prove to be very helpful. In this article, we will show how you can use this plugin to manage multiple authors on a website. 

Why do you require an author box?

An author box helps to develop as well as manage multiple bloggers. It provides visibility, recognition, income opportunities, and communication to authors. It gives complete access to readers to the content to the author.

WP Author Box provides support to add more than forty-five social icons to author boxes. This makes it easy and convenient for readers to follow the contributors or authors on social networks. By making use of this box in your WordPress website, you can assign posts to several authors, and recognize the efforts of all those contributors who are involved in it.

Manage the Bylines

A byline is a small name that is displayed in the form of the link placed below the article title. It is a reward for exemplary writing and journalism of the writer that helps him progress in his career. It is required that you create the right Theme that comes with the “byline”. It also provides the necessary respect to the contributor that he/she deserves.

Add Co-Authors Plugins

If your website has multiple authors, then you should use co-author WordPress Plugins to easily manage articles written by several authors. This plugin makes it convenient to list authors by creating a link to the author’s webpage in the byline.  In this way, it improves exposure on the website.

Contributor Lists

A website has two categories of writers who contribute to it i.e., guest bloggers and contributors. A contributor deserves more recognition and deserves to feel like an integral part of the team. 

A contributor’s list is featured on the webpage, in the footer, in the sidebar, or on a link to a page. It lists their name, bio descriptions, and their complete bio along with their photo.

Include Author Pages

The author page is an important page on a website that is dedicated solely to the authors. It shows their name in the title, bio, photograph, and the complete list of the posts they have written so far.

Addition of Author Content 

Addition of Author Box WordPress Plugin enables customization of the basic posts with details like the name of the author, description, links, avatar, original and modified time and date of the post, email, and information.

Simple Author Box Pro is one of the best author plugins that comes with a wide range of beneficial features. It makes contributions easier by helping website owners to easily allocate blog posts to guest authors. When placed at the end of the blog posts, it shows the name of the author, gravatar, description, and a lot more.


An author Box WordPress Plugin is one of the best inclusions in a WordPress website that allows you to give the due credit to the guests or contributors. It offers styling options with background color control, preset styles, and other options that make it easier to manage multiple authors on a website.

Paul Petersen

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