How to plan the perfect engagement party

According to the experts, there are 9 main steps when planning the perfect engagement party – we will get to those in a bit. But first things first, congratulations on your engagement! Whether you’ve waited a decade or only a short while to meet your mister or misses right, an engagement is worth celebrating and an engagement party is a great way to do so.

9 Steps to planning the perfect engagement party

Prerequisite: You must be engaged! Whether you have a sparkly rose gold engagement ring, flashy band, or a non-traditional ring on your finger, getting asked and accepting is a prerequisite in planning your engagement party.

  1. Choose a host – It’s common for the bride’s parents to host the engagement party but today, things are more modern so you can really choose any host to host your party. Just pick them with the intention that they will do a good job, understand what you’d want, and will include you in the planning process (if you’d prefer).
  2. Choose a date – After you’ve decided who is going to host the party for you, it’s time to choose a date. Normally, engagement parties are held close to the day you said yes.
  3. Create the guest list – You’ll want to create the guest list with your fiancé so you both agree on who comes. Traditionally, those who go to your engagement party are then invited to your wedding so choose wisely.
  4. Choose a venue – Regardless of how large or small your party is going to be, you’ll need a venue. Pick one that flows with the theme you’re trying to portray or go intimate at your favorite restaurant or a friend’s house.
  5. Create a gift registry – Gifts, gifts, and more gifts. Yes, it’s true – you’ll create a gift registry and get a gift from guests!
  6. Create and send party invitations – Today, it’s more common to send an invitation via social media or text but you can also go the traditional route and mail invitations. Regardless, they need to be sent or no one will show.
  7. Choose menu items – Decide what you’re going to want to feed your guests when they arrive. Some engagement parties are low-key while others are catered.
  8. Create your ideal scenery – Your wedding usually has a theme and your engagement party is no exception. Choose which theme you’d like to follow.
  9. Go shopping – A bride, or groom, needs to look nice at their engagement party so grab your keys and get your shopping in!

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