How To Prepare Your Dream Outdoor Space

Urbanites fantasize about an apartment with a balcony. In reality, the fire escape is as close to an outdoor space as most get. Meanwhile, living in the suburbs seems like heaven. With all its glorious greenery, however, there are almost too many options for building your backyard oasis. Of course, you’re going to need exterior lighting Winter Park, but before you get started, here are two basic questions to ask yourself. 

What’s Your Style?

Pick a theme that speaks to you. Maybe you envision your home as Versailles, with symmetrical designs and a gravel path lined with rows of luxurious lavender leading to your French bistro-style patio furniture. Perhaps you find yourself longing for the feeling of summer in the English countryside. Focus on furniture made of weathered wood, placed near a cobblestone fire pit. Finish the look by completely surrounding the space with cottage wildflowers. Keep in mind, when entering your garden, it should be a journey, transporting you to a place in your heart. 

How Will You Use Your Space?  

Deciding how to use your outdoor space will determine your foliage, furniture and practically the entire layout. If it’s a place for children to play, for example, consider a minimalist approach. This may include comfortable furniture with a protective fence. Maybe you intend to entertain large dinner parties by cooking on an outdoor grill. Depending on your state’s requirements, the grill needs to be a certain distance from the home, which will impact the layout design. Understanding the purpose of your outdoor space will aid in creating an effective design plan to avoid the potential for costly mistakes in the future. 

It may be difficult to combine what you visualize with your current outdoor area. Each space, from a balcony to acres of land, has potential. The possibilities may not be obvious, but once you determine your space’s style and purpose, your ultimate outdoor utopia will start to unfold.  

David Curry

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