How to trade on IQ Option Software?

If you are going to do binary trading, select IQ options. Option binary broker as they are regulated and licensed brokers in Cyprus. Select your currency pair from a list of different currencies with the help of “Options” (eg, EUR / USD or GBP / USD). According to your analysis, if prices are going up, then click on Call (green button). If prices are falling according to your study, then click on Put (red button).

What should I do next?

Keep practicing on the free demo account for a few days to understand the working of the platform better. To start a business, you can also get information about a straightforward model, “Pin Bar.” Also, watch the teaching videos in IQ Options and learn more about the “candlestick” and “indicators” in the trade.

When to start active trading?

Start active trading when you are well versed with the trading platform. You can start trading with an initial remittance investment of a minimum of $ 10 and a maximum of $ 5000. Invest the minimum amount in the beginning and gradually increase the amount of investment according to your success rate. Use Skrill, Neteller, or Credit / Debit cards to invest. We would generally recommend you to use Skrill or Neteller, as both of them resemble PayPal, and whenever you are successful in trading, your profits reach your account directly.

How to deposit money and get benefits?

Through Skrill, Neteller, or Webmoney, you can quickly deposit or withdraw funds. If you make a deposit through the card, you must first collect the deposit back into the card, and the amount of the profits into a Skrill, Neteller or Webmoney account. You can also get your money in your bank account through “Wire Transfer.” Use “Wire Transfer” only if you want to receive more than $ 1000 in your bank account. Due to the high fees of “Wire Transfer,” this method is not sufficient for withdrawing less than $ 1000.



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