How To Turn Your Bad Day Into An Extraordinary One?

There are days when you do not feel like doing anything. You keep lying around and kill your time with activities that won’t give you any pleasure. At times like these, all you need to do is summon your courage (and will), dress up and go down the lane to conquer the place. Well, this is usually what everyone is going to tell you. What I suggest is otherwise. Lie on your carpet, give yourself some time, take a deep breath and turn your worst day into the best day. Let us come and see how you can turn a bad day into an extraordinary one. 

  • NETFLIX all day: I know it is very tough to keep up with the modern world. You feel old and outdated when you cannot participate in a discussion about ‘Brooklyn nine’ or ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’. If you have a day use it to intermingle yourself with the new generations. Try watching shows that you like from hundreds of shows that are available on Netflix. 
  • Food: It is pretty understood that food makes each one of us happy. If your stomach is full (and happy) your brain automatically becomes happier. You eat the same food every day so why not change your food preferences for a day? Why not order something from outside? If you are someone who eats out all the time then try cooking for yourself. You can experiment with dishes and you might end up making something that would go to your favorites immediately. 
  • Surprise Yourself Or Your Loved Ones: On days when you are completely alone and searching for a company, you realize that there are only a handful of people around you. Why not do something special for them? For this, you do not have to go around the Sun and purchase gifts for them. You can actually sit and order gifts for them. You can send gifts to Delhi, Bangalore and all other places. This is a nice way of making people appreciate your presence and value you. 

Also, talking about making people happy, let us not forget that self-happiness is supreme. You can order stuff for yourself too. This does not necessarily mean that you have to order expensive things. You might order yourself a pillow that you want in your house and still be happy. 

  • Makeover: There are various companies that provide this home service of coming over and doing your makeover. If you are in a mood to spend some money on yourself, you can definitely choose this option. It is perfectly said that you need to love your bare skin, but makeover does not mean makeup every time. You can experiment with your look by going for a haircut, or a hair spa. It is time that you should start focusing on yourself and your happiness. 
  • Friends Get Over: It is your bad day, you decide not to go out, but you can always call your friends for a get over. Call them. Spend some time with them. Have a chat and loads of gossip. Eat nice food. Remember the good, old times and create another bag full of memories. Trust me, you are going to love this time. 


You are going to have some bad times, but these are your testing times. Take out some time for yourself. Try doing things on your own. You can just lie down in the Sun, in the winter mornings, or you can water the plants that need your attention. You might feel good by keeping your place clean or try playing the games you once loved to play. You need to enjoy your own company. 


Paul Petersen

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