How To Use Cabinets To Transform the Look of Your Kitchen

When your kitchen starts to sag a little under the weight of passing years and changing styles, there are a variety of ways to perk it up. One of the most significant changes you can make is to your kitchen cabinets Austin. With a little research and planning, you can find wood kitchen cabinets for sale Austin or simply spruce yours up for a big bang for small bucks.


You always have the option of replacing your cabinets. If yours have sustained damage from fire, water or termites, replacement may be your only option. If your cabinets are made from particleboard or other inferior material, replacing is definitely the smart option. Wooden cabinets will instantly add value to your home and provide you with options for style changes in the future.

There are many types of cabinets that can complement a variety of home styles or aesthetics. Some come already painted while others are raw and ready for stain or paint. Some are modular, allowing you to mix and match sizes and types to fit the way you use your kitchen. Some allow for a variety of shelf heights.


If your cabinets were installed when stained wood was all the rage, it might be time to update them. Don’t forget about your hardware, as it will likely need to be replaced, as well. Rehabilitating your existing cabinets can bring an entirely new look to even an old kitchen, particularly if you plan to update the colors. Look online for ideas of the colors and types of hinges and pulls you like. 

A trip to the hardware store should result in a mask, some gloves, stripping solution, scrapers and sandpaper, as well as hardware, paint and brushes. After the wood is thoroughly stripped, cleaned and sanded, you should be ready for the new paint. Once they have dried, you can reinstall the doors and hardware and admire your handiwork.


If you want to do something a little more drastic to change the look of your kitchen cabinets, consider adding some colorful details. Glass or enameled door pulls can add a bright pop of color. For a completely different look, eliminate the doors for open shelves that show off beautiful dishes or cookware. Mix and match colors on the cabinets and doors or add a pattern to one. 

Whatever makes you happy should be the guiding force for what you do to make your kitchen your happy place. It doesn’t have to be expensive to make a big difference. 


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