How to Value and Sell Your Antique or Vintage Collectibles

Many people have antique objects in their homes without even realizing it. Antiques are items 100 years or older, while collectibles are interesting objects less than 100 years old. These items can bring in thousands of dollars when sold in online auctions. Maybe you have something in your house that your grandparents passed down, or you bought something that looks unique. Do these items qualify as antiques? In today’s article, we are discussing how to value and sell your antique or vintage collectibles.

Research on the Item

To start valuing your antiques, have a baseline knowledge about the item you want to sell. For example, if you want to value your grandparent’s old dining room table, it will be helpful to find out what kind of table it is – style, material, and who made it, if possible. You can search for this information on search engines like Google and Bing, books, or hire an appraiser to help you. Features like CamFind can help you find and identify the items quickly.

Consider Selling on Consignment

A consignment is a form of selling where the item is not sold to the seller outright. Instead, it stays on there and gets paid when an item sells. Most consignment stores are careful with your items and will give you your cut once your item sells. The good thing about consignment is that your object is visible to many people and ensures that your item is at the best price possible. Some auction houses list your items in their online auctions. For example, Blackwell Auctions has an online auction in Florida.

Know the Marketplace

Understand the marketplace before you sell your rare antiques. You want to know the market price of your antique and any fees or charges that the marketplace will take out of your item’s sale. It’s a good idea to hire someone who can guide you and negotiate for you at the auction house. For example, if your antique is valued high enough, you do not even have to pay a commission fee or repairs. If you decide to sell your antique online, understand the terms of your chosen marketplace and its selling procedures, including whether antiques are vetted before being put up for sale.

Know When to Restore or Preserve

When it comes to restoring your antiques, you need to think twice. Lofty aspirations could make an item lose its value. For example, you might think of stripping paint from an antique dresser, only to learn that the item’s value is the paint itself. Original condition is the best way to go. Let the buyer decide whether to restore the item or keep it as is. Other times you can upcycle your antique to make it more valuable. Be wise enough to know when to do what.

Use these tips to value your antiques and or vintage collectibles. Do you have items that you want to be valued and listed in an online auction in Florida? Talk to us today, and let us consign your rare antiques. We guarantee you of getting the best deal possible.

Clare Louise

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