How To Verify A Good Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re trying to win a personal injury lawsuit, the personal injury lawyer you choose will make a huge difference when it comes to your chances of success. A bad lawyer can cause you to panic in court, skip over important details, and also just ignore your needs. A good one can act as the “rock” you need in order to confidently handle the legal world.

A quick glance online will yield some pretty obvious results; everyone claims to be a great personal injury law firm. Obviously, not every lawyer can be as good as they claim to be. There are going to be bad lawyers out there. So, how can you verify who’s good to go?

  1. Ask for references. Lawyers who are worth their price will have plenty of references showing their skill, empathy, and education. If they won’t give you a reference, you probably shouldn’t hire them.
  2. Always check to see how you feel when you talk to them. When you’re at your consultation, ask yourself if you feel confident in your lawyer’s skill and intelligence. If you don’t, or if you feel like the lawyer really doesn’t care, keep looking.
  3. Check their ratings online. Highly rated personal injury attorneys are going to be the ones that you want on your team.
  4. Look up any complaints licensing boards or legal groups may have. A lawyer that has multiple ethics complaints is not a lawyer you want to hire. If the complaint board is clean and he has good ratings on the BBB, you should be good to go.

When picking a lawyer, having a personal injury law firm that has a lot of experience is crucial. If you aren’t fully ready to check out a lawyer, give it a week. It’s better to take a little time to figure out what you should do than to pick a lawyer who can’t help you get good results.


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