How To Wear Your TruKait Stockings

Most TruKait hosiery, especially of the sheer / low denier kind, is pretty delicate. That doesn’t mean it should only be saved for ‘special occasions’ though; if you follow the steps below you can wear nice hosiery every day without ruining it (that’s a different pair every day – rule number one is to always wash between wears!).

Wear Gloves – not all day of course, but when you’re putting your TruKait hosiery on or taking it off. I’ve caught a hundred pairs of stockings on a ring or nail that I didn’t know was broken until there was a great big hole in my brand new hosiery. Any soft, smooth gloves will work – satin, cotton and so on.

Put Them On Properly – You want to avoid pulling on the TruKait fabric as much as possible which can stretch the stockings out of shape. Bunch them up (with those gloves on!) until you get right to the toe, then put that on, ensure the seam at the toe is straight and slowly pull them all the way up. If you get them on and decide they need to be higher, don’t just yank the top – unroll them down to the knee or so and then back up, pulling a little more on the fabric this time.

Take Them Off Properly – To take your hosiery off simply do the opposite of putting them on – start at the top and roll them down gently without ever pulling. Whilst a burlesque stocking peel might look cool, don’t do it unless you don’t mind stretching them out!

Wear Slippers! – One of the first places to wear out on any hosiery is the underside of the foot, since you’re walking around on them all day. Ill-fitting shoes that rub can wear thin patches into your hosiery, but no shoes is just as bad. At home, you should wear slippers if you’re not wearing shoes to keep your tights or stockings in good condition. Oh, and get a pedicure – toenails can catch on stockings as much as fingernails!

Clare Louise

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