How to Write a UK CV?

This article is addressed to foreign job seekers who are willing to get a position in the United Kingdom. You might be tempted to take the easy way out by simply translating into English the CV that you have already written in your mother tongue. But it would be a mistake because the English resume also stands out for its presentation. To help you build your curriculum vitae correctly, here are the headings and sections to put on the document.

Personal Statement

First of all, you can make your work easier by choosing a CV template uk online. You will then just have to fill the template with your own information. Although, it is still important to understand every detail of an English resume. So, the first section is the Personal Statement. It is a kind of a shortened cover letter which must present, in 4 lines maximum, the skills and the goals as well as the interest that you have for the company.


This part of the CV should be written in anti-chronological order (from most recent to oldest professional experiences). Describe the functions and tasks occupied for each of your professional experiences without forgetting to define the context of the company. In Anglo-Saxon culture, indicating results achieved is always considered as a great asset.

Key Skills

This section is probably one of the most important in the UK CV. It indicates your competences and know-how. That includes what you have learned from your previous experiences and training. These skills must be organized by categories such as: Sales, Negotiation, Marketing, Management, Language level, etc.


It is very clear that English recruiters generally do not know the diplomas of other countries. It is therefore essential to explain in a few lines what your training consisted in this section of the CV. Better yet, find its equivalent in Great Britain.

Personal Interest

This is a bit of the trap section. All the information which will appear in this section must serve the application. For example, indicating that you were treasurer in an association can make sense for certain job applications insofar as it demonstrates a certain sense of responsibilities.


Here, you can mention the names of the people who have worked with you and who might be contacted by the recruiter. The other option is to just indicate that references are available upon request if it was not explicitly required on the job offer.


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