How You Can Plan The Best Party Ever


A party is a celebration with or without occasion. You get to experience enjoying the moment with your friends or family that makes it memorable and enjoyable. Just like the old times and the usual planning, a party won’t be complete without drinks such as fruit beer, sour beer, stout beer, and a porter beer in Singapore.

If you are hosting your party, it might be possible that you’re getting jitters about how you can do it. Planning isn’t all that easy because things might not go as planned once you miss a minor detail. You might get overwhelmed by all the organising you need to do. It takes effort to keep things lively and ensure that everyone is having a good time.

Whether your event is formal or just a casual night out, good beer equals a good celebration. To ensure that you experience the best party ever, here are some tips that can guide you in making the right decisions.


Tips in Throwing a Party

Choose a theme

Incorporating a theme will make your event memorable. Pull out some creative ideas from your sleeves, or maybe you can put together some retro, art, sports, dance party, open mic, fashion show style, treasure hunt and even a quiz night. Crowdsource costume contributions from your guests, and make sure that your location and entertainment are in keeping with the overall theme of your event.

There are tons of exciting themes you can pick. Here are some party themes you can consider:

Festival: Gather some singers and performers for a merry-go-round of fun and festivities.

Open mic: Call on people in the crowd to come up on board and share tales, sing and dance, tell jokes, or engage in other forms of performance art. It will get the attention of your audience with no dull moments.

Playground: Who says kids are the only ones who can play? Keep it fun with some playgrounds geared for grownups. Add some slides, climbing platforms or even a swing.

Slumber Party: Even though they are not sleeping, this all-night event attracts participants who come dressed in their pyjamas to interact and socialise in a comfortable setting.

Movie Theme: Take inspiration from a well-known or classic film or television show and create an event around that concept. Who doesn’t want to make things into a reality? A glimpse of wearing your favourite character will make the event unforgettable.

Accessible location

It is vital to remember that parties are most enjoyable when everyone can participate. Make sure that your area, if you’re renting one, is accessible to all your guests. It could also include gender-neutral restrooms, pull out areas, and convenient public transportation for those who do not drive. It will make it easier for your guest to go around the place and get familiar with it in no time.

Have a target guest

Your event doesn’t need to appeal to everyone’s preferences. It is not likely that everyone will say yes to your plans. However, if your event is formal, you need to tone down the crazy themes you have in mind that only your friends will understand.

Thinking about why guests should attend your gathering and what they’ll be doing during the evening will help you write the program summary for your party.

Secure entertainment

Have some singers with a live band, dancers, and other types of performers in your events. Even though there are numerous entertainment options to pick from, choosing something that matches your theme is a perfect idea.

You can also hire some DJ for a fun drinking session when the night approaches, which can shout, “Let’s get the party started”, as you all go off drinking a stout beer in Singapore.

Tease your guest

Make your guest excited by posting all over your public social media accounts. Enable your guests to remember their experience long after the great night. Promote your event by creating shareable links that attract a larger audience and increase attendance if it is a public one.

Your guest is all probably geared up with a phone in a full battery, but you can also hire some photographers to give you materials you can post and store. You may leverage the content from those posts in future promotions as well.

Plan out some games

When we say games, we mean beer games. Look for a few beer-themed party games to play, and keep an extra supply of light beers on hand for anyone who might wish to take part in the activities. A beer pong is always a great idea to get everyone tasting your stout beer or fruit beer in Singapore.




Your Go-to Party Checklist

It is possible to ensure that everything runs smoothly using a party planning guideline and drafting an event schedule. No matter how little expertise you have with event planning, you can still host a spectacular event.

Aside from the party tips we gave you, to help you even further, here is a checklist you can consider. By taking this list to your neighbourhood party supply store, you can prepare to organise and arrange your event with ease.

Cake: You can never go wrong with the excellent cake! Many bakers experiment with various designs today, where you can request customisable ones. Regardless of whether you buy it or create it, have it prepared on the table.

Entertainment sections: You can consider karaoke for a different twist or maybe just a DJ. For additional tips, increase the music volume by two notches—it immediately puts everybody in the mood to party.

Food and Drinks: What happens with a party without food and drinks? Choose meals that fit the starting and ending times of your party. It would help if you also considered the beer you’ll be serving. A fruit beer, stout beer, porter beer, and a sour beer in Singapore is a great idea to consider.

Invitations: Invite whoever you want. Make it longer or shorter based on preferences or the area you will conduct the party.Make sure to leave some extra space if someone comes that is not part of your list, which is likely to happen.

Tables and chairs: No matter how hyped your guest will be through the night, they can make a good and chill conversation while relaxing on tables and chairs. You can rent for extra ones you can place in your garden.

Before your party

Choose your theme: Like what we have recommended, choose a theme that best fits the type of party you will have.Visualise what you aim for and how it will look. In this way, you can also give your guest a heads up on what they should wear.

Know your budget: How much is your allotted budget for the party? Make a list and estimate the amount of money you will be spending.

Prepare the location: Book it beforehand to secure the date if you do your event in a hotel or private area. However, if you will be doing it at your place, have it ready and cleaned. Keep all the essential items or maybe consider a redecoration.

List down your guest: Before you go to send out invitations, list it all down. Who do you want to be part of your party? Do you want all your followers, friends or family there?

Order food and drinks:  Create a space to store your craft beers and choose from various flavours such as sour beer, porter beer, fruit beer and stout beer in Singapore. Check some ice suppliers in the area and have some extra coolers.


Types of Beers You Can Choose

One of the best parts about beers is the wide range of options. There’s always something fresh to explore when there are many types to choose from and many breweries putting their unique spin on them.


In producing ales, it uses warmer yeast strains to ferment better when similar to room temperature. Because the yeast floats on the drink’s surface while it processes, ales refer to fermented beverages.

Amber and Red Ale

Red and amber ales are darker in colour and have a more complex flavour profile than pale ales. They generally taste like toffee, dried fruit, or even a slight flavour of caffeine.

Pale Ale

Australians have altered the basic British pale ale to develop their unique Aussie flavour like many British beers. Australian pale ales are malty with just enough woody or light floral hops to achieve a beautiful balance.

Aussie pale ales are maltier and have fewer hops than American pale ales, making them less sour. But it doesn’t imply they’re sweet. The Australian pale ale is perfect for individuals who want their amber nectar flavoursome like all pale beers.

Cream Ale

Despite their pale colour, they have a mild flavour that is not very harsh. Fortunately, when it comes to combining with food, it’s just as delicious and adaptable as the rest.

Dark Ale

They are dark – often practically black – in colour and have a robust roasted flavour character. Dark beers contain top-fermenting yeasts and, as a result, are classified as members of the ale family, even though regarded as a separate beer genre.

Brown Ale

Generally speaking, brown ale is a known British beer style. Beer is brewed in southern England that is sweet and dark brown, unlike the dryer form found further north. Both beers have a low hop content and receive their colour from a combination of roasted malts and caramel malts.


Technically speaking, the difference between ales and lagers comes down to the type of yeast used. Brewer’s brew lagers with strains of yeast that ferment at low temperatures, similar to those found in beer. During the fermentation process, they remain at the base of the liquid.


This word refers to a specific type of light-coloured, crisp lager that they first produced in Europe. So Pilsner is beer on steroids. An excellent Pilsner has a firmer bitterness, an earthy floral scent from the Saaz hops, a somewhat grainy malt flavour, a medium texture, and a crisp aftertaste. You can prepare a real Pilsneronly using pilsner malt and Saaz hops, while current versions use other hop varieties to attain comparable characteristics.

Pale Lager

This beer is crisp and mildly hops, and it goes well with many dishes. You can pair this drink with any food, such as pizza.

Stout and Porters

Porters were mixtures of ales, frequently the dregs, and containing light and pale beers. Porters and stouts have a shared heritage, and the discussion often revolves around the names of the two beers.

These days, there are numerous porter and stout styles to choose from, all with their distinctive features. On the other hand, a porter in Singapore tends to be lighter in colour and alcohol content than a stout beer in Singapore, with flavours like chocolate, coffee, and caramel rather than the burnt, roast characteristics typically found in stouts.

Other Beer Category

Fruit beer

Many fruits, including lime, strawberry, and cherry, make their way into beer recipes. As you might expect, most of every fruit beer in Singapore is sweet, making them an excellent complement to desserts.

Fruit beers are usually ales flavoured with fresh, extracted, or syrup form to give them their distinctive flavour. Moreover, the selection of fruits and flavours is extensive, generally considered to be highly refreshing.

Sour beer

The bitter, funky, acidic, and tongue-twisting sensation that sour beer in Singapore provides may be unique and agreeable to some. Sour beers make up old-world processes, wild yeast strains, and bacteria that produce a great experience.

There are various styles from throughout the world and different alcohol and colour concentrations in these drinks. What they have in common is that they all have a quirky taste to them.

Arvo Drinks

If you are looking for a full range of beers perfect for your party, consider purchasing from Arvo Drinks through a less hassle process. Enjoy your celebration and make it memorable with craft beers.




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