Human Resources Development: What is the Right Time for Staff Training?

In any industrial facility, success is dependent on the skills of staff. Although you might have selected the most qualified workers, it is important to regularly train them to build new skills. This brings about one important question; “What is the right time for HR development?”

Benefits of HR Development

Before looking at the best time for HR development, it is important to start by thinking about the associated benefits. The most notable benefit of HR development is the increased productivity of both individual staff and the entire organization. Other benefits include:

  • Higher retention rates.
  • Easy development of a positive culture.
  • Improved staff confidence.
  • A stronger brand.

When the Performance is Poor

For most industrial organizations, poor performance is used as the primary indicator that staff need some training. As a manager or entrepreneur, it is important to follow the performance of individual staff, department and entire organization. If your organization is failing to meet pre-set targets, it means that your staff might require additional training. Note that when looking at the causes of poor performance, it is also important to evaluate the performance of the machinery.

When Your Industrial Facility is Performing Well

Although many people only consider the need for additional training when their organizations are underperforming, it is not enough. When your organization is performing very well, you should consider training your staff. After reaching the top, one thing you must appreciate is that competitors are learning your strategies and will do anything to outdo you. Therefore, you need HR development to set new goals and adopt better strategies to remain at the top.

When Introducing New Technologies

In industrial operations, you cannot rely on a single technology. Instead, you have to progressively look for new technologies to simplify production and enhance operation efficiency. In the mining industry as highlighted here, operators are always working on new technologies to extract minerals and enhance their products. In such cases, it is important to train your staff about the new technologies and its application for better results.

When Implementing Change

Are you planning changes in your industrial facility? The first step should be staff training. This will help the workers to understand the changes so that they can become part of its drivers as opposed to obstacles. When training workers for change, it is important to highlight benefits they will get from such changes.

HR development is the best method of instilling new skills to your staff. Therefore, it should not be looked at as an expense that can be done away with. Instead, you should use it to strengthen your brand and position the enterprise for success.

Paul watson

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