If You Missed Season One, Here’s How To Catch Up for Stargirl Season Two

Stargirl is a series based on the high school sophomore and DC Comics superhero, Courtney Whitmore. Moving from its home on DC Universe to the CW for the second season in Spring 2021, the series is predicted to fare well. You don’t need to have read the comic books in order to enjoy the show. However, you do need to catch up to speed for Stargirl season two! This interview with the cast and executive producer, Geoff Johns, is a great start, as it gives you an inside look at the show.

The CW also provides season one if you’d like to binge-watch it! While it originally was brought to viewership by DC Universe, The CW is keeping it. Even better, The CW lets you stream all the Stargirl episodes for free! You don’t have an excuse not to catch up. However, if you’re crunched for time, get ready for a speed-recap.

Stargirl Season One Recap

This won’t include all the juicy details, but here are the pertinent points of Stargirl season one:

  • Courtney Whitmore moves from L.A. to Blue Valley with her new stepfamily, including stepfather Pat, an original member of the Justice Society of America (JSA).
  • Courtney stumbles upon Starman’s Cosmic Staff in Pat’s things, as he was tasked to keep it when the JSA was infiltrated by the ISA (Injustice Society of America) ten years ago.
  • The Cosmic Staff reveals its powers to Courtney, including transportation and energy blasting Brainwave’s, the then-unknown villain, car.
  • Courtney learns of Pat’s search for ISA and goes against his wishes, making her ensemble from old pieces of Starman’s outfit.
  • Brainwave confronts Courtney to steal the Staff, but she puts him in a coma as her new superheroine identity, Stargirl.
  • Pat becomes Stargirl’s partner, S.T.R.I.P.E., and ISA catches wind of the young, female Starman successor.

From here, Stargirl starts to rebuild the JSA with Pat and members of her new school, Blue Valley High.

The Rebuilt Justice Society of America

This second wave of the JSA has some key characters for you to remember:

  • Yolanda Montez is Wildcat;
  • Beth Chapel is Doctor Mid-Nite;
  • and Rick Tyler is Hourman.

Naturally, the most popular kids at Blue Valley High are also affiliated with the villainous ISA.

Stargirl Season Two

There are many more impactful moments and characters in season one! The season ends on a cliffhanger with Icicle (lead of ISA) dead and a glimpse of Eclipso, all while a mysterious old pal of Pat’s, Sylvester Pemberton, is looking for him. Season two of Stargirl will undoubtedly tie up these loose ends and add more drama to the teen superhero hit show.

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