IIM: The Proverbial Banyan Tree in MBA Education and Rightly so

There are many ways to get on board like a pro into the ever-challenging battleground of the corporate jungle. There are many institutions that advocate making you the best out of whatever you’ve got. Some are truthful and strive to stick to their promises.

Here, we talk about the mother-of-all skilled trainers, always in demand, always getting better, the age-old yet relevant player– Indian Institutes of Management, the IIMs. Many kids dream during their childhood to enter one of these 20 institutions. Most educated parents wish every day to get their kids into the ‘Kaashis’ of management studies.

Well, IIMs welcome all, but selects a few. Very few. Each year, only a select bunch of potentially bright students get to be in one of the 20. Not before they are tested rigorously at the Common Admission Test (CAT). Last year itself 2, 04,267 students attempted for 1550+ seats.

Preparing for IIM itself is a studious activity where you look at yourself in the mirror and discover if you are really made for it. If you survive the mental acrobatic pyramid and succeed in being prominently visible in the rankings, you get into one, making an instant star in your family circle. Till you actually get into your destined IIM, you get to wear the badge of honour- ‘I am going to study at IIM.’

Yes. This unparalleled reputation hasn’t been a run-of-the-mill event. It has taken over years of dedication, perseverance, and commitment of many individuals, intellectuals, and academicians for IIMs to be desired. 1961— that was the year the first IIM was set up in Calcutta. And like how the banyan tree branches itself and spreads wide, the institutions multiplied but were rooted in the core philosophy of nurturing young minds.

Over time, in about 50 plus years IIIMs are known and have become the breeding grounds for potential star performers of inevitable future. A unique aspect of the institutions has been their guiding intention and beliefs that are expressed in their various Sanskrit Shlokas.

Let’s look at some:

IIM Ahmedabad has the motto in Sanskrit—”Vidhaviniyogadhvikasaha” which roughly translates to ‘Progress Through the Application of Knowledge’.

IIM Calcutta – “JñānamSarvahitāya” translates to ‘Knowledge for the benefit of all’.

IIM Bangalore—”Tejasvināvadhītamastu” translates to ‘May our study be brilliant and effective’.

IIM Lucknow– “SuprabhandeRashtraSamriddhi” translates to ‘Better management towards better nation’.

IIM Kozhikode— “YogahKarmasuKaushalam”   translates to ‘Diligence leads to Excellence’.

IIM Indore— “Siddhi MoolamPrabandhanam” translates to ‘The Root of all Achievement is Management’.

IIM Rohtak— “GnanenaGunena Cha Prabandaha” translates to ‘Management Through Knowledge and Values’.

IIM Ranchi— “Bahumukhvikasogantavya” translates to ‘Working to bring change towards success, not only for one’s self, but also for the community’.

IIM Raipur— “SwakarmaniratSidvidyam” translates to ‘knowledge for self-development and performance’.

IIM Tiruchirapalli– “JnanamAnantam” translates to ‘Knowledge is endless’.

IIM Nagpur– “Satyam cha svadhyayapravachane cha” translates to ‘Practice truth through learning and teaching’.

IIM Vishakapattanam– “Vidyaparamdaivatam” translates to ‘Knowledge is Supreme Deity’.

IIM Jammu— “Sa Vidya ta Vimukthyo” translates to ‘It is Knowledge That Liberates’.

Now, what do we gain by knowing the mottos of these Institutions? Ask the elders in your household, they will tell you that the motive is the key to any achievement in life. The motive defines the nature of action and guides one in all aspects of life. It is like a seed. What the seed consists of is what actually grows into overtime.

Having a visionary motto is not enough in most cases. But if we track the years of activities and programmes by the IIMs, we may discover if each noble motto has been worth its intent. Or just look at some of the IIM alumni who have occupied various positions. Most of the world’s best companies in— technology, finance and media are run by the IIM products.

Over the decades, these institutions have contributed bright minds that have shaped our policies and the ways we live and interact in the world. It will not be an exaggeration to say that without the IIMs and their participation in our nation-building, our country would have been much different. The world too.

The tradition of spotting by merit, nurturing the best minds from across the country, does well to individuals, nations, and the world. IIM is a tradition that needs to be nurtured by the new students who will join the institution. Because today’s IIM aspirants are tomorrow’s world leaders.

David Curry

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