Immediate Things to Do After You’ve Been in an Accident

Accidents happen every day. And if you find yourself in a car accident, knowing how to handle the situation can help against injury and save you time and money. The following information explains standard procedures for immediately after you’ve been in an automobile accident:

Stop, Assess, and Call the Police

Make sure everyone in your car is safe, assess the immediate surroundings, and then check on the other parties involved. Never drive away from the accident.

Call the police to inform them of the severity of the accident and where it occurred. Even if it’s a minor accident, a police report will help when filing the insurance claim and ensure the correct party is found responsible.

If the accident is minor, move the involved vehicles out of any traffic to keep people safe. Turn on your hazards and use cones or flares to mark the accident, if available. If the accident is serious, wait for the police to arrive.

Collect Information

Gather the following information for filing a claim:

  • Driver’s and passenger’s name(s) and contact information (along with eyewitnesses, if available).
  • Vehicle descriptions (make, model, year).
  • License plate and driver’s license numbers.
  • Location and address of accident scene.
  • Name and badge number of police officer(s).
  • Insurance companies and policy numbers.
  • Take pictures of accident and all damage dealt.

File a Claim and Contact an Accident Lawyer

Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible and check what benefits your insurance providers, including medical (if necessary).

Once the claim process has begun, contact an accident lawyer to guarantee your claim is properly handled. Your attorney will work to ensure you’re fully compensated for your vehicle and any medical costs, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered.


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