Interesting business ideas for internet stuff in 2022

The e-commerce market will grow rapidly. Companies will continue to move into e-commerce. During the year of the crisis, the transition from physical stores to digital purchases accelerated by about five years. Blockchain will be actively implemented in many business industries. There will be even more startup companies operating on blockchain technology.

Alternative payment options will continue to grow in the new year. Another trend that will continue in 2021 and beyond is the dominance of alternative payment options. Global retail contactless payments have increased by 69% since January 2020. (contactless credit and debit cards or mobile payments).

Remote work will continue and become commonplace in business. During the pandemic, not only small businesses, but also large businesses have switched to part-time or full-time remote work modes.

Companies offering digital (virtual) services will continue to be in high demand. The pandemic has led to an increase in demand for certain types of digital businesses related to new technologies, virtual health and fitness. These include cybersecurity, home fitness, food delivery, gaming, home improvement, and telemedicine.

Twitch streaming as a side hustle – Twitch streaming is a perfect idea. People are more and more interested in others’ lives. That’s why Kardashians and other TV show personalities are so popular nowadays. After the pandemic, people crave for more content. Kardashian’s shows are edited and created to make more drama. People understand this and they want to see raw footage of their lives. That’s why Twitch streaming is good at this point. Being real and streaming consistently leads to more Twitch channel views

Organization of special tourist tours and services

Organize a specialized travel company to cater to people’s individual travel lifestyle preferences. A starter learning tour designed for solo travelers, a gastronomy tour focused on specific food and dietary preferences, an eco tour, family tours, or even an age-based tour company can all be implemented by a startup for a variety of demographics. Contact local guides and tour guides, create a joint project.

Create an application focused on flights and airports

Creating an all-in-one mobile app that allows travelers to navigate unfamiliar airports with real-time information is a relatively untapped startup idea. While there are various travel apps, passengers can benefit from an app that shows all the amenities during flights, flight waiting times and changes, ground transportation options and airport maps, and more. Tourism and travel will never be the same, the pandemic crisis has greatly affected the travel industry. But this time opens up new opportunities for entrepreneurs, services for subscribing to air tickets, applications that track the opening of borders of countries and entry rules have already appeared. During the crisis, new trends and business trends appear, this is a great time for startups.

AI Travel Assistant app idea

In this age of too much information, people like to get personalized service as it saves them time searching and filtering all available offers. Traveling is one of the most common habits, so creating a travel assistant that can be integrated into any chat app or presented in a standalone app would be helpful. The AI ​​Travel Assistant mobile app can distinguish between text and voice messages. Once recognized, the app can offer personalized recommendations for the most suitable flights, hotels, attractions, and restaurants.

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