Is It Necessary to Till the Soil Before Laying the Sod?

If you have a backyard or even a little space with the appropriate amount of soil in your house, the idea of sod installation must have crossed your mind. However, even though DIY enthusiasts would tell you that sod installation can be achieved by yourself, it might not be so easy for most of us. Starting right from the land grading to the end of the installation process, you need to have enough information about the systematic approach that you must keep during the entire activity. And that is why we are here. We are here to throw light upon some crucial ideas, such as land grading phoenix az that you must ponder upon before you take on the job of sod installation.

Important to till the soil before laying the sod?

The primary steps are the hardest to memorise. Those are also often the steps in which we mess up. You need to understand that before you go onto the process of sod installation, you need to get rid of the old grass that was there and also a layer of soil beneath it. Thereafter, you would have to till the soil. This is indeed necessary as this would get rid of any small pebbles in the ground or breakdown large chunks of soil.

How to till the soil?

Tilling the soil can seem like a rather laborious job. But that is only so when you do not know how to start the process. Here is a systematic, stepwise procedure that would help you to tell your soil much more easily and efficiently.

  1. First of chalk out the area that you want to till.
  2. Divide the area into consecutive rows. This will make sure that you do not leave out any area of the soil untilled.
  3. Now for dealing you can use a tilling a machine that is available in the market. You could also use a spade or a rake to till the soil.
  4. Till the soil in each row once and you are done!

Did not sound too hard now, did it? Everything is easier if you follow a systematic approach. But of course, you can always consult professionals if you are not too confident about doing it yourself.

Paul watson

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