Know all the aspects that influence solar energy regeneration

We know all the benefits that solar energy offers to our Environment, as it is a clean, renewable and sustainable energy source. It has a very low environmental impact and it has no end. We really want to highlight the economic counterpart of this system for a DIY backyard solar power plant project. Because if you have an exact idea of ​​how much you can save with energy, you won’t think twice.

It lasts much longer. The properly installed photovoltaic plate system has a useful life of 25 years. The installation investment pays for itself in a relatively short period. To be more precise, the maintenance of a system like this is just cleaning the solar panels to remove dust, leaves, branches and bird waste. Seriously, you can reduce between 50% and 95% of the monthly bill.

How is the solar energy market?

The solar energy market is considered one of the most promising in many places in the world. However, there are still many doubts about the conditions that can harm the generation of solar energy.  With that in mind, we developed this exclusive content. With this reading, you will be able to understand what actions need to be taken so that the maximum power generation capacity is reached through backyard revolution solar system. Read this article and learn everything about it.

Irradiance on the modules

On the one hand, rain is a great ally when it comes to cleaning solar panels. On the other hand, it harms the energy production of this type of system. In fact, it is not the rain itself that ends up hindering the generation of solar energy. What influences this production is the question of cloudiness, which reduces the levels of irradiance on the modules, making the panels’ energy production capacity smaller.

Another factor that strongly influences the increase in the amount of electrical energy generated by a photovoltaic system is the reflected irradiance.

Loss of module efficiency

The efficiency of the photovoltaic module represents the potential that the module has for converting sunlight into electrical energy through the photovoltaic system. The combination of efficiency, latitude and climate is essential to calculate the system’s solar energy production throughout the year. Although apparently not very relevant, the shade on the modules is one of the main factors that have a direct influence on the generation of solar energy through a photovoltaic system.


Most people think that heat is the main factor that affects the production of solar energy. It is noteworthy that solar panels usually work much better when installed in locations that have milder temperatures. However, the temperature that needs to be analyzed is not that of the environment, but that of the solar plate itself. For this reason, it is essential that solar panels are composed of equipment that does not absorb too much heat, especially in buildings that are in the hottest regions. Therefore, pay attention to the temperature coefficient of the photovoltaic system.

Follow the backyard revolution plans to better understand your requirement and get your first solar power plant for less than $200.

Dirt on the panels

The use of solar panels has many advantages, one of which is its maintenance cost. The amount to keep your photovoltaic system running smoothly is approximately 0.5% of the initial investment amount. If you respect the safety rules and also the guidelines for handling the plates indicated by the manufacturer, there is a possibility for you to perform the maintenance of the solar panel yourself.  Solar energy generation system also needs to be installed at the correct location and inclination to avoid shading and take advantage of the full potential of sunlight to produce this type of energy.


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