Know how the leaderboard of Deftouch works for its games and leagues

Online gaming is a really exciting and affordable way to participate in a wide range of games. Over the years, gaming developers have used diverse tools and technologies to create the best and powerful gaming platforms. Two examples of the best gaming platforms are Deftouch and GetMega. These gaming platforms host some of the popular games that once you have played in a conventional form. Gaming or websites are really beneficial when it comes to recording the scores of the players. 

Before gaming apps, people had to keep a piece of paper in hand to calculate the individual scores. But with gaming apps individuals can see their scores on leaderboards. Yes, a leaderboard is the quintessential part of an online gaming platform. We have already learned that leaderboards help players to track their performance. By doing so, the players can analyse their position and improve their gaming skills and strategies. Further, with leaderboards, one can also see their opponent’s performance and develop new tactics to beat them in the next game. Speaking of leaderboards, let’s find out how the same works for Deftouch and GetMega. Also, we would decipher other aspects of these two gaming platforms. 


Deftouch is an online gaming platform that features cricket games. On this only real and verified players can participate in the games. Further, the opponents here are also real which has improved the fan base of this platform. With an informational and easy-to-understand leaderboard, Deftouch provides an excellent gaming experience to the players. The leaderboard of this gaming platform puts up lists of all the upcoming leagues and sports. Further, the leaderboard creates different sections in the games that let the player choose as per their requirements. Deftouch’s winning-based leaderboards allow gamers to enjoy cricket by challenging real-life opponents. 

Deftouch with its explicitly designed UI provides a simple and understandable user experience. All the information that the players might require to play the games is placed in the UI itself. Designed by professionals, this gaming app offers gameplay with an enhanced fun quotient. The gameplay of Deftouch provides swipe control and 360 aerial shots thereby delivering an extra level of entertainment to the fanatics. Further, this gaming app provides a strict verification process where each and every player must register by putting valid information. 


GetMega is an online gaming platform that houses many popular games like Rummy, Poker, Warship, Carrom, GoPool, 123 and PickMe. All these games are based on three main categories namely, Cards, Casual and Trivia. It is the leaderboards that make this gaming app the most preferred one in India. GetMega features leaderboards 24×7 with the scores and ranks of each and every player intact. These leaderboards are both task-based and winning-based. This means a person can top the leaderboard by winning or simply playing. Also, these leaderboards offer many attractive gadgets like mobile phones. One can earn rewards from the leaderboards by securing any rank among the first 10 positions. 

GetMega developers have created a clean and intuitive User Interface to enhance the gaming experience of the players. Keeping in mind the credible, transparent and virtual user experience, developers have made the UI smooth and interactive. Further, the app provides both horizontal and vertical gameplays based on the game types. By adding audio/video features and referral programs, GetMega is considered to be the most rewarding gaming platform. Also, like many other gaming platforms, this app allows only real and verified players. To keep the personal details of the players safe and secure, GetMega uses its high-quality security features. 

Leaderboards undoubtedly have an immense contribution to the success of an online gaming platform. To know how leaderboards function, try playing games on Deftouch and GetMega.

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