Latest Masstamilan Songs Of The Year

The Kollywood industry has released over 200 movies this year which had more than 5 masstamilan songs in each movie. Out of which thousands of songs some are romantic, mass, and emotional and item songs. These songs are popular among all the generations. Few of the latest super hit songs are as follows

  • Paisa Note from Comali

This is a peppy number song by Hiphop Tamizha. The colorful visuals of the song have made many to add it to their YouTube playlist. The catchy hook step is one of its major attractions. The young generation is hooked to this song.

  • Maruvarthai from Enai Nokki Payum Thota

Gautham Vasudev Menon’s films always start with good songs. This song is sung by Sid Sriram. This song is composed by debutant music director which melted everyone’s heart with its beautiful lyrics from Thamarai.

  • Verithanam from Bigil

This is definitely dancing number. This is the first song sung by Thalapathy Vijay for AR Rahman. This song connects well to the audience and is very famous.

  • Tharame tharame from Kadaram Kondan

This is a busy track song by Sid Sri Ram with music by Ghibran. The lyrics of the songs connected with many young couples. This song portrays a lovely relationship between husband and wife.

  • Kannama from Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum

The masstamilan song is sung by Anirudh ruled the playlists of many youngsters today. The youthfulness of Harish Kalyan with the voice of Anirudh made the choice to be cherished by many.

  • Marana Mass from Petta

This is a local tribute to Rajinikanth by young Anirudh. The lyrics are very quirky and it adds beauty to the heavy beats of the song.

  • Single Pasanga from Natpe Thunai

This is an energetic track with some heavy duty music by Hip Hop Tamizha. This is a peppy track which is quite regular at parties and get together.

  • Singapenne from Bigil

AR Rahman give a distinct International fever to the song from Bigil and the powerful lyrics made the listeners fall in love with the song only at the first hearing itself. This is dedicated to women and is sung by Rahman himself along with Shashaa Tirupati.

  • Kathiri Poovazhagi from Asuran

This beautiful masstamilan song is composed by Prakash Kumar which generates a rural romance with its fresh lyrics by K Ekadesi.

  • Kamala Kalasa from Sangathamizhan

This peppy track is composed by Vivek Mervin and sung by Vivek himself. The lyrics of the song attract many young people.

Can be easily heard online

These masstamilan songs can be easily heard online and can also be downloaded from various websites. The movie songs are not only popular in India but it is spreading worldwide. The young generation is very much in fond of songs from different states and cities. It also helps to spread the culture of a particular area. Apart from that all the talented musicians and the singers give their best to make sure that the masstamilan songs are well promoted on release of any movie or any album.


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