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Whether it’s for a trip, a vacation or a commute for work, limo rental can be a solution tailored to your needs. However, even short-term limo rental is subject to certain rules. Discover here the main conditions of a limo rental.

Conditions relating to the tenant’s person

The renter of a limo must first of all be at least 21 years old, but also have a valid driver’s license. However, for some landlords or rental agencies, the required age is 25 years minimum. The driver’s license must be valid for more than 1 year and must also correspond to the limo you are going to rent. If the rental limo has several drivers during the rental, all these people must be present when picking up the vehicle from the agency. Other drivers will have to meet the age and driving license requirements as well. If it comes to the Toronto Limo Service then surely you will be having the best choices there.

Files to be provided

Before concluding the rental of the car, the rental agency will ask for some important files. Indeed, the tenant must present an identity card, a driving license as previously mentioned as well as proof of address. Also, the confirmation document or more precisely an email confirming the reservation is necessary in the event of reservation by internet or by telephone. On a financial level, a security deposit to cover damage as well as an advance on the rental to secure payment of the rental will be useful.

The cost of private transport does not always allow everyone to benefit from it. Indeed, whether it is the taxi, the limo rental or the limo bus, it is obviously necessary a certain budget to benefit from their services. If you want to control your budget for travel during a business trip or even for vacation, discover here some tips to travel cheaper.

Renting a limo is cheaper than traveling with your car

Car rental is a good alternative to control your travel budget. You can thus avoid maintenance, monthly limo loan payments or even the insurance premium. You will have a limo and a driver at your disposal, and this at an unbeatable rental price. To find the best rates, do not hesitate to take a tour of the sites offering rental cars, rental agencies or individuals. You can even take a limo bus according to your needs.

Take a limo to save your travel budget

To get around for less, you can forget about the idea of ​​having a private limo for you. Indeed, the limo is also an economical alternative with the rental and the limo bus. You can enjoy the convenience and speed of a limo with the taxi. However, this is not the usual limo which is still quite expensive, but another form of taxi. This is an individual who offers to drive you to your destination at a lower rate than that of a traditional taxi.

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