Love spells – find the dream partner with magic?

When a person wants to win someone else’s affection or wants their partner back, a love spell can help.

What exactly is a love spell and how does it work?

A love spell should make another person feel in love. Professional cartelers, clairvoyants and the media have mastered the practices of successful love magic and make use of candles, crystals, magic potions or amulets. This can be an ex-partner who is about to return or someone who is in love wants to keep them. The spells are also performed to attract indeterminate people who correspond to the desired partner or to gain a stronger charisma to the opposite sex. The effect of love magic cannot be generalized and depends on individual aspects.

Effect of a love spell

If the love spell is carried out correctly, it shows its specific effect. But it also can grow in a totally dissimilar direction. In white magic, the wisdom of the universe makes a decision. If two people do not match, wish fulfillment takes place in a different way, which ultimately leads to what makes you really happy. In black magic, a love ritual manipulates or breaks a person’s will and forces him to turn to another. If you want to use love spells that work, you should always have only positive reasons.

Rituals in love magic

When a love spell is performed, various rituals can be used. Candles, oils, herbs, talismans and occult substances serve as aids. For example, phallus-like candles, musk oils and satin fabrics are used for a passion magic. The moon magic is also used in a love spell. There are easy rituals that are accompanied by a simple spell and complex rituals that are tailored precisely to the individual situation. The Wicca love spell is one of the most famous rituals. A magic bag happens to be filled with ingredients for example patchouli oil, rose petals, and iris roots. Love magic rituals require careful preparation. Experienced witches or esotericists also include the position of the moon or the place in their work.

Love spells and energetic centers

With the help of magic, a witch or a wizard exerts influence on the people or their energetic centers. Those are the bridge between the forces of the environment and the person who is to be bewitched with the wrought love spell.

This love spell is based on the magical power present in the universe.

Everything is connected together. A love spell builds on exactly this fact and therefore the love spell takesits effect. Everyone has 7 main energetic centers that run along their back. They are linked by an energy channel and are called “Chakra”. The potential energy of every person flows through the energy channel, the Sushumna-Nadi. The complete structure is the “chakra system”. Various centers can be disturbed by a love spell.

Strong and weak love spells

In addition, a distinction is made between strong and weak love spells

With a strong love spell, a tremendously strong attractiveness is evoked, against which the enchanted can in no way defy. A weak love spell causes the enchanted person to think again and again about the person for whom that love spell was performed. A greater enthusiasm develops.

A love spell, however, comes from the resort of white magic, which by and large is viewed as positive magic. With a love spell should nevertheless not be handled frivolously in any way. The person concerned, who is enchanted because of a love spell, is deprived of his or her own will and empowered to make decisions about this person. Taking away a person’s willpower due to a love spell is never good. Regardless of this, a love spell cannot work indefinitely in any way.

Alison Lurie

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