Main Things to Know about Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe is a board game that everyone knows. At first sight, it seems very easy as a strategy game but it is not that simple to win every round. In general, the one who plays first have a head start and is more likely to win. But the way, that is the reason why both players have to play in turn. But there are some tips and tricks that can help you win the game more often.

What is the Origin of Tic Tac Toe?

You might be surprised by the origin of tic tac toe and similar games. In fact, it all began by the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, during the antiquity then. On the other hand, many experts state that this puzzle game in particular was invented in Japan. Other people say that the origin of this board game is China, since it is very similar to the Chinese puzzle game gomoku. It means that nobody knows exactly where does tic tac toe come from. Anyway, archeologists discovered prototypes of tic tac toe during excavations in different countries such as Greece and America. Nowadays, it is a worldwide known game which is even available online.

The Rules of the Game Tic Tac Toe

As you surely already know, tic tac toe is to be played by two players on a grid which consists of 3 vertical and 3 horizontal squares. Traditionally, one of the players draws the tic tac toe grid and chooses between X and O as their game symbol. The aim is to manage to align 3 Xs or 3 Os vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The winner is the one who achieve that goal first. Most of the time, the first player is more likely to win, especially if they directly start at the central square of the grid.

How to Win Tic Tac Toe?

As we already said, you can win more easily if you play first because it allows you take the central square. So, the best trick is to find a way to be the first to play as often as possible. Instead of taking turns, you and your opponent can roll a dice or do rock paper scissors before every round to know who is going start. If you are not lucky enough and have to play after your opponent, you have to remain defensive in order to prevent them from winning. It is better to make the game a draw than to let your opponent win.


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