Marble Antique Fireplaces

Having an attractive fireplace can add a real charm to your home and set the tone for any design features you may be planning. In addition to being visually appealing, cuddling up next to a warm fire on a cold winters day is a joy for many. Seeing the flickering flames of a fire can also be relaxing – there are even television shows and YouTube videos dedicated to the flickering flames of fires!

Marble is a popular choice for fireplaces, not only because of its classical look, but because marble is extremely tolerant of heat. This means it can withstand the high temperatures of your fire, without cracking. If you maintain and care for your marble fireplace properly, it will rarely crack, chip or stain, but lighter coloured marbles are likely to require more cleaning.

Over time styles and tastes have evolved, but many classical antique fireplaces have stood the test of time, with their elegant and classical designs. Forget the horrible and dated gas fireplaces of the 1960’s that you might remember from your childhood or that your nan still has, a high quality antique marble fireplace is a sight to behold.

Marble is an extremely heavy material, and as such you should leave the installation of a marble fireplace to the professionals. In addition to this, if you are reinstating a fireplace, or using it for the first time in many years, you should get a professional to check the chimney for any blockages, as any blockages could lead to a fire breaking out in your home – which you obviously want to avoid.

Established in 1880, Thornhill Galleries have gained a reputation for premium quality fireplaces and excellent customer service and have one of the largest collections of antique marble fireplaces in the UK. Products are sourced from an exclusive network of premium suppliers from England, Italy and France They work with architects, interior designers and private clients across the UK and worldwide. They go the extra mile for their customers, and depending on your location, they can even visit your home to help you chose the best available antique fireplace for your home. A large selection of fire places can be viewed at their showroom in New Malden, London, and each and every fireplace they sell can be viewed online. Thornhill Galleries have a trusted installation team, saving you the hassle of finding another company to install your fireplace.


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