Maximise your storage unit space with these tips

Storage units can be an extremely cost-effective solution to your ongoing need or extra storage in business or personal endeavours. However, if you are going to hire the best self-storage Horsham has to offer, it’s imperative that you utilise the available space to its full potential.

When looking to use storage Horsham in the most-efficient manner, the 10 simple tips below will work wonders.

#1. Get rid of items you don’t need

Paying to store products that you won’t use is a huge waste of space and money. Use this as an opportunity to declutter by selling items or even donating them to charity. This will establish a perfect platform build upon.

#2. Invest in stackable items

When buying boxes and other items that will be used to store your items, it’s best to choose items that can be stacked. As such, investing in boxes that are the same size should be at the top of your agenda as it’ll reduce the wasted space.

#3. Use shelving

Another options to use free-standing shelving within your self-storage Horsham unit. This allows you to utilise the vertical space with greater results while you can also keep lighter and heavier items apart, preventing damage to the light goods.

#4. Invest in thin packaging materials

Packing out boxes with thick wrapping materials can soon eat into the space. Finding think bubble wrap or cloth can save you a lot of internal space. If you can fit items into 50 boxes rather than 55, the influence on the overall situation can be massive.

#5. Pack furniture strategically

Furniture can be very bulky. However, dismantling the legs or turning a table upside down (being sure to protect the surface) can work wonders. At the very least, you should store items within the gaps created.

#6. Work from the outside in

In addition to maximising the amount of items that can be kept in the space, you need to ensure that it is accessible Line the outsides with shelving and boxes. Next create walkways before placing the next row of items.

#7. Go paperless

If you are planning to store business files or personal paperwork, it may be worth switching to paperless accounts. In addition to saving valuable space In the storage unit, it may help you increase security thanks to data encryption.

#8. Pack logically

If you have put some items away because they are seasonal products that won’t be used for months, keep them pushed away to the back. You can forget about them for months, so leaving them tightly packed is fine.

#9. Create extra space

Can you stack items inside bigger items? Or add a smaller packaging materials in the gaps between the top of a box and the bottom of the next shelf? Be sure to utilise those hidden spaces rather than letting them go to waste. You will not regret it.

#10. Choose the right space

Last but not least, be sure to choose the right storage Horsham facility. If it’s not fit for purpose, nothing else you do will matter.

Clare Louise

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