Meeting a Personal Injury Attorney in Union City? Ask these questions!

If you have suffered injuries because of someone else’s fault, disregard for safety, and carelessness, you can file for a personal injury claim. In New Jersey, the statute of limitations allows a period of two years from the date of the accident to file the claim. Contact a known Union City personal injury attorney and meet them in person, to get started with the process as soon as possible. Here are some questions that are worth asking.

  1. ‘What’s your assessment of this case?’

This is a fairly relevant point. You want to know what to expect in terms of outcome and compensation, so that you can take a call on the claim accordingly. For instance, you have suffered just minor injuries, the compensation may not be worth the effort.

  1. ‘What types of personal injury claims do you handle?’

A personal injury attorney should have some experience of handling claims similar to yours. For instance, do they work with clients who have suffered dog bites or nursing home abuse? Or are they specialized in auto accidents and truck accidents only?

  1. ‘Will the case go into trial?’

Your personal injury attorney will do their best to negotiate with the insurance company and other parties involved, but in many cases, it is quite evident from the start that the matter may will go to trial. Ask your attorney if they are going to represent you in the case personally.

Finally, do ask about their fee. Many attorneys and law firms prefer to take a part of the compensation as their fee, while others may work on a retainer basis. Also, find more on the other costs that might need attention, so that you are financially ready to take on the legal battle ahead. Don’t forget to ask for references, to know a personal injury attorney better.



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