Motorcycle Themed Cafes And Restaurants In Delhi NCR

Motorcycles and adventure go hand in hand. Humans’ quest for adventure is often related to exploring the unknown and travelling to exotic locations. Others might be able to achieve the same adrenaline rush in sports and adventure activities such as scuba diving and skydiving. With time, more and more people have gotten hooked to this feeling and are indulging in some form of adventure or thrilling activity. If you are a biker, you will be able to relate to this easily. 

What initially started as a means to make life convenient and reduce the human effort, bikes are no longer a mere form of transportation used to travel from one place to another. Whether you are a Royal Enfield or a Harley enthusiast, these are prized possessions that are closer to you than most things in your life! You can hardly stop a bike enthusiast from his riding escapades. Ask any rider and they would tell you that it is all about gearing up and feeling alive as you cruise through on your favourite bike! Be it the end of a hectic or frustrating day or the beginning of a wonderfully relaxed weekend, riding a bike acts as therapy for many. 

In fact, there are a number of groups and clubs in Delhi that organise weekend trips or Sunday morning rides to amazing locations or some bike themed cafes. This can be a great opportunity to interact with other bike enthusiasts and visit some great cafes carved to a target audience that loves all things bike related! Let’s take a look at some of these cafes in Delhi NCR that you can visit to know about these club:

  1. The Biker’s Café: Located on Golf Course Road, Sector 54 Gurgaon, this café is a great place to hangout for all biker enthusiasts. It is famous for its fresh beer and some delicious food. As soon you enter the place, you notice the ambience and café décor that all relate to bikes and its wonderful machinery. The chairs are made of real bike seats and they often screen sporting events that makes for a fun evening with friends and family!
  2. Throttle Shrottle: This is a must visit café as a bike enthusiast in Delhi. Situated on Faridabad Road, this café is open 24*7 and is a perfect escape. Everything here is hand-picked by the owner and makes for a quirky yet impressive ambience. The painted tables, wall graffiti, handicrafts and mementos, wooden and metallic pots etc., all add to the charm of the place and make it worth your while. They host a lot of events such as Sunday morning riding events, live music shows, dog’s day out among many others. Every time you visit the place, you are sure to see a new addition to the place for sure! 

There are many other cafes you can visit such as the Riding Guns Café in Preet Vihar, Garage Inc. American Diner in Hauz Khas Village and The Motorcycle Café in NSP. If you are planning on buying a new bike or upgrading your Enfield, you can visit SelectCITYWALK Saket as it houses the best Royal Enfield Store in Delhi. They are well stocked, have the latest accessories and the best staff with in-depth knowledge and expertise to help you make the right decisions. 

David Curry

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