Moving Toward A Smart Oil Field Era

Change is inevitable. It is something that we see quite often. Across different industries, change continues to come in many different forms.  The oil industry has seen enormous amounts of change over the past few years.

The changes brought about a lot of different opportunities. The digitalization of many different things has prompted this change. With technological advances coming, changes will continue to occur in the oil industry.

Digitalization within the oil industry is not a rumor. Many people suggested that this change would not occur for many more years, but that is the opposite of truthful. More and more aspects of the oil industry are being digitally enhanced. 

In previous times, companies only focused on producing high volumes of products. This meant that oil companies were only interested in acquiring the highest amount of oil they could attain. Due to environmental issues, this outlook on the industry has changed tremendously. With the help of technological advances, the industry is now able to focus on value. A Houston oil field equipment supplier will now look for ways to enhance the environmental effects of their work.

The price of oil has changed as well. The change in price has forced companies to learn valuable ways to increase their profit. Running an oil company today is very different from running a company years ago. To adjust to today’s times, companies must look for ways to increase their knowledge of the market. 


It is their job to provide the world with hydrocarbons that can sustain everyday life. Doing this difficult task has become even more difficult for a lot of companies. Transitioning to digital methods has made it easier for companies to sustain in this economy. It is one of the key trends in this industry. 

Most companies are using technology to compete with other companies. The oil industry is very competitive, so the use of certain technologies can give companies the upper edge. Using digital technology has even increased the efficiency of business models.

With digital technology, companies can speed up the process of many tasks. For example, digital applications can provide an oil company with instant updates on inventory. This can be a very powerful tool because knowing the inventory of your company, will give you the capacity to make world-changing decisions accurately.

Instead of having to be in direct contact with the inventory manager, a decision-maker can instantly be updated with technological applications. This capability is remarkable and has increased the likelihood of responsible decision-making. This task was very hard to do for decision-makers. 

They might be across the world, at the time of need for an inventory number. Being able to get inventory numbers from afar gives them the opportunity to be more productive. 

The technological trend has also helped with product design. Designing a product is a lot easier with digital applications. Digital applications give a designer the advantage of being more detailed with their design. Being more detailed with design gives a designer the opportunity to create more. It also helps them to be more realistic with their design’s goals.

Digital applications give designers a platform that they can create on. With this platform, they can look closely at important factors of their design. Without digital applications, this process is very hard and time-consuming. Designing can be a key separating factor within the industry.

A Houston oil field equipment supplier that uses digital applications to design will have an advantage over competitors that do not. Competitors that are not using digital applications to design will produce designs more slowly and without as many details.

It is very hard to compete in the oil industry. Without taking advantage of key trends going on within the industry, it will be even harder to compete. 


Paul Petersen

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