Must-Visit Places in Zermatt: Where to Go?

If you are in search of a perfect place to relax and unwind in Switzerland, Zermatt is the best place that you can go to. It is surrounded by high mountains usually filled in snow. You will truly be amazed by its scenic view. Zermatt is a favorite subject for a postcard because seeing it in every angle is just awesome.

If you decide to have your next adventure in this place, you will not run out of activities with the areas that you can go and visit. Whether you just like to sit and enjoy or you want to feel the excitement through your adrenaline rush, you will find your perfect spot. To have a memorable stay, here are the places to visit in Zermatt.

  1. The Matterhorn

This place gained its popularity due to its almost perfect pyramid shape with four-sided, ridged rocky peak towers. It serves as a dramatic backdrop throughout Zermatt. If you are an adventurous mountain climber, climbing it may be one of your dreams. However, if you want to reach its peak, you need to be extremely cautious since it is considered as one of the dangerous mountains.

Climbing up and down the hill both demands technical and physical expertise with the different kinds of terrain and the altitude weather conditions. If you are not into extreme adventure, you can take a lift to go to the spot where you can see the view from up above without the sweat.

  1. Hinterdorf

If you want to experience what it feels like to live in the old centuries, go ahead and book this Zermatt accommodation. The Hinterdorf is considered as the most former lodge in Zermatt that was built way back 16th and 18th centuries. This village speaks a lot of their culture that has been preserved over the years. If you would roam around the town, you will be fascinated with a picturesque view of old structures like houses and buildings.

The facade of the houses is preserved, but some homes that are turned into hotels have a modern view on the inside so you will still have a comfortable stay. Previous visitors always leave positive feedback, so you will get a hint about the service that you will get when you stay with them.

  1. Klein Matterhorn

If you want to find spectacular scenery from above, try their famous adventure. Ride a cable car from Trockener Steg to the north face of the Klein Matterhorn. It will take you to the summit where you will almost see different ranges of mountains, forests, and lakes. Their cable car is considered the highest in Europe so don’t miss out on the opportunity experience being on top of the world.

There is snow throughout the year due to its altitude, so if you love skiing and other snow activities, Klein Matterhorn is a place where you will not get bored. If you want to take a break from all the adventures and just want to take pictures, you may go to the glacier palace where there are different ice sculptures.

  1. Matterhorn Museum

Matterhorn Museum is a contemporary museum for the early climbers. If you are a history lover, you will enjoy staring at those pictures, paraphernalia, and video clips about the different expeditions towards the summit. This museum aims to narrate the thrilling and mysterious history of this world-famous mountain.

The famous film that you can watch is the film The Mountain Calls, which is based on true-to-life stories. You will also appreciate illustrations of mountain life through their home interiors and furniture. If you have gone through all the materials in the museum, you will still see an attraction once you go out. There is a Marmot fountain outside where there is a life-sized bronze ibex.

  1. Dossen Glacier Garden

It is known as the second-largest glacier in the Alps. As the glacier melts, it will leave glacial potholes that look like carved stones. The stones are artistically designed naturally. From the Furi mountain station, it will take you 30 minutes to reach the glacier garden. If you want to have an adventure walk towards the area, you may take the suspension bridge across the Gorner Gorge.

This is an educational journey where you will be fascinated with how science creates beautiful things. If you have a tour guide, they’ll give you informative details about how these vanished glaciers leave a remarkable piece on the landscape.

  1. English Church

This church is more than just a worshiper’s place. It depicts the rich culture of alpinism. If you want to have a peaceful mind after a tiring day, it is a perfect place to go to. This church is considered as one of the most exciting places in Zermatt. If you look around the church, you will see graves of climbers. It is a quiet place, a perfect spot if you want to connect with nature through meditation.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to go to Zermatt, you will not have a hard time planning your itinerary with a lot of tourist destinations around the area. You’ll just have to research so you can plan to maximize your stay. As long as you are still capable of traveling, go ahead and explore the wonders and uniqueness of this place.


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