Natural Grass vs Artificial Grass- Which is best?

The outside area of the home must be beautiful as the inside area. Lawn plays a very important role in increasing the charm of the exteriors. There was a time when some people hesitated to go with lawns because the grass requires too much time and care. Now, it is not like that. From the fields of sports to the gardens of the home, artificial grass has been replaced with natural grass. With artificial grass, it has become easy to decorate the lawns. Nowadays homeowners and club owners prefer artificial grass on the natural grass for many fruitful benefits.

Artificial grass is made up of synthetic fiber and it completely looks like natural grass. Same like natural, artificial turf gives a visually appealing look to the outside area of the home. The materials that are usually used in the manufacturing of fake grass are nylon or polyethylene. Artificial grass can be installed on the rooftop and balcony as well, where it is difficult to grow natural grass. Many people may not decide whether they should go with natural grass or artificial grass. The following information will help you in decision making.

  • No maintenance

The first reason why many people prefer artificial turf on natural grass is its easy maintenance. The natural grass requires efforts and time for its maintenance. Furthermore, there is a need for seeds, pesticides and mowers to maintain the beautiful look of the natural grass. In the case of natural grass, one has to spend many hours every week for the care of the lawn. Whereas, artificial grass requires less work and maintenance. There is no need for weeds and other chemicals. For its cleaning, a plastic rake or broom is recommended. Those people who are often busy can consider artificial grass.

  • No need of water and mowers

Water is the basic need for natural grass. Without the water, the natural grass does not grow and it gets damaged. After watering when natural grass will grow, you have to purchase a mower. The mower is used to trim the grass. On the other hand, artificial grass does not need water and mowers for its growth and trimming. It remains the same in its original look. Neither it grows nor does it require cutting.

  • Save future expenses

No one likes to spend again and again on the same thing. If you want to go with natural grass then you should prepare your mind for future expenses. For the watering, the motor will run, which means you will have to pay the extra water bills. Not only this, you will have to spend on the purchase of expensive grass maintenance machines and chemicals, like trimmer, lawnmower, strimmer, lawn shears and hand weeder etc. When it comes to the future expenses of artificial grass, it is a cost-effective option. If you want to free yourself from the hassle of future expenses then artificial grass is the best choice.

  • Close to the nature

The artificial grass is not good for providing peace of mind but provides a good view to the eyes. It does not provide the natural feeling especially if you love to exercise or walk in the gardens then you should go with natural grass. Natural grass refreshes the mind and makes the air clean. It provides oxygen which is effective for the respiration system.

  • UV-Resistant and Water-proof

Natural grass gets damaged from the UV rays of the sunlight and in case of the rain, it converts into the mud. Whereas, the color of the fake grass does not fade from the sunlight because it is made up of materials which are UV-resistant and water-proof.

  • Hot Turf

Unlike natural grass which becomes cool in the evening time of the hot summer day, the fake grass remains hot. The artificial turf can make the outside area of the home hot. It will be difficult for the kids to play on such a hot surface.

  • Cost

The cost of artificial grass is more expensive than natural grass. The future expenses of natural grass make it expensive in the long-term. The future expenses of artificial grass are not much. There is a need for experts for the installation of artificial grass. On the other hand, you can install natural grass yourself.

Final Words

Both types of grass have their own advantages and disadvantages. Now decide which suits your budget or lifestyle and then go with it without any hesitation.


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