Natural Stone Countertops: Why are they a Leading Choice for Homeowners

These days, homeowners are interested in green building materials with minimal impact on the environment. They will not harm the air quality they enjoy as they live in their home. That is why many of them choose to invest in natural stone countertops from Granite au Sommet. Read on to learn more about these materials:

How Natural Stone Countertops are Produced

Marble, granite, sandstone, and slate countertops are mined from solid rocks. The stone’s hunks are sawn into slabs using diamond-tipped blades. Usually, the slabs are polished. Crafting stone countertops requires less energy than it used in producing other kinds such as laminates and engineered stone. The process produces few carbon emissions.

How Durable are Natural Stone Countertops

On average, these countertops can last at least thirty years. But, but homeowners may change their stone counters not because of the material’s condition but because of their changing tastes. When properly cared for, granite, tile, granite slab, or slate counters will last fifty years.

During the 30-50 years of the life of laminate countertops, homeowners have to change some of them, which multiply greenhouse gas emissions. Also, wood countertops should be replaced or resurfaced many times. This process will consume more energy.

Amazing Benefits of Countertops

The majority of people fall in love with natural stone countertops after they discover their amazing benefits.  These include the following:

  • Attractive look. Marble, granite, and soapstone countertops can transform a bathroom or kitchen into a space that’s full of life and beauty. Although aesthetics might be subjective, people love these countertops because they look great.
  • Durability. Natural stone countertops last a lifetime. They are quite durable, require minimal maintenance, resist stains, and withstand spills.
  • Uniqueness. Every slab of granite, soapstone, and marble is different. This means that you can create a unique kitchen or bathroom by picking these materials for your countertops. Also, you can work with a countertop fabricator to choose a color and design pattern that suits any room’s character and personality.
  • Value. Natural stone countertops will improve your home’s overall value. Marble, granite, and soapstone are always desirable and in style. A lot of homebuyers make their decisions based on the natural stone countertops alone.
  • Versatility. Since every slab of natural stone is cut specifically for your counters, you can integrate them into any design you like. Your natural stone fabricator can cut the slab of granite, soapstone, or marble to order. Natural stones make it possible for you to have the flexibility to design your dream counters.

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