“Never look back!” – a story of a successful businessman Mark Pugachev

Everyone wants to become one day an object of admiration. But it cannot be the main aim of your life. The most necessary thing is your lifelong ambitious. May be you would like to gain success in business or become popular as a man of art. It does not matter – the key aspect is self-efficacy and high-level dedication. Inspire with a story of one famous Russian businessman, Mark Pugachev. Follow him through his unbelievable path to success.

Man of his word conquers the world 

It is difficult to imagine now that Mark Pugachev started his business from scratch long ago. An average guy from small Russian town made specialty out of IT-technologies and aspired to gain successful achievements. Mark’s today prosperity is the expected result of his work. Because of his efforts several projects were created in Moscow. Among them are such often-visited places as:



Clothes shop, etc.

Mark Pugachev was on track to make a loud game in Russia and decided to conquer world. His second destination was sunny American city – Miami. Having a good grip of business, Mark succeed to understand the main demand of Florida visitors and developed a real Automobile Empire in the USA.

Pugachev Luxury Car Rental company is well-known among American celebrities, Russian politics and businessmen. Everyone can try premium-class vehicle reservation options and stay pleased with exotic autos, exceptional quality of custom service. Additionally, the high-level privacy policy is guaranteed that is so needful for all public people. One would think that there is enough for happy life – resort city, fast-developing business, money, family. But Mark decided long ago that the sky’s only limit and went further.

To be continued

Luxury auto fleet is an excellent way to provide Miami visitors a real red-carpet service. But why not to extend boundaries and make the catalogue of transportation bigger? That is how Mark’s new project appeared – he was dawned upon an idea to organize booking of jets, yachts, apartments, villas, etc. The earliest explorers of such complex service were celebrities and business representatives who want to feel comfortable and safe everywhere.

And now Pugachev Concierge Service is one of the most demandable company in Florida. It is a great opportunity to order everything necessary in one go. But thankful feedback only forced Mark Pugachev to move further. He wants to provide clients with 100 % comfort – right in December 2019 an innovative application is performed. All luxury amenities will be available in pocket screens… One more great idea by the Russian ambitious and successful businessman.

So there is no surprise that most entrepreneurs, public officials aspire to deal with Pugachev. Each his start up is doomed to the great success. But Mark’s huge experience and business bent give chance not to all potential Pugachev’s partners. Nevertheless, even such a serious man and strict boss has kindness of heart. Here are some facts you do not know about Mark Pugachev for sure:

He has a wonderful family – a beautiful wife and a cute daughter.

Mark is fond of charity. No one could imagine how many children’s lives he has already saved. 

Russian businessman respects not only his neighborhood but himself as well – he has a healthy lifestyle and adore sports. By the way, he obtains a certificate of Greco-Roman wrestling mastery.

Mark is often asked about his further plans. He seldom shows down but some projects were revealed. For example, Mark keeps p-to-date and right now works under cryptocurrency platform development. Additionally, he does not stop thinking about cars – a new official dealer center is building for adorable customers. There is more to come!


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