Online Gambling in 2021 – The Most Interesting Trends

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Online gambling has great potential. With a high probability, in the near future, it will become the main direction for the development of the entire gambling industry. Online casinos must be prepared to constantly face the competition and many new gambling sites are expected to emerge in 2021. Along with this, a cloud gambling trend is actively developing. This technology will allow gambling operators to reduce the use of server platforms and eliminate bulky software and huge updates. Cloud casino games will automatically update and players will only need a desktop or mobile device with an Internet connection to access them. In addition, with cloud gambling, player settings will also be automatically saved, and the game can always be resumed from where the user left off. As we can see, the gambling industry is continuously evolving. It is constantly changing and adapting to innovations.

More formats – more possibilities

Adding new game formats will be one of the top priorities for online gambling platforms this year. So, in the midst of 2021, it’s time to talk about trends and carefully study those that will be relevant in the near future:

  • Skill Slots. When looking at a traditional online slot, one cannot say that it takes any skill to play. In most cases, the user selects a bet, starts spinning the reels and hopes for luck. Today, developers are adapting traditional slots to modern trends, adding skill games elements. This format is actively gaining popularity, including the opportunity to participate in the entertainment process with friends or family. This last point is important for many millennials.
  • Exclusive games. If you play slots regularly, sooner or later you will find certain similarities between the two seemingly different games. However, in the case of exclusive products, providers always use unique themes that target a specific audience. Obtaining exclusive rights and releasing slots based on world famous films, cartoons and characters is not a new phenomenon, but this games category will invariably remain trending in the coming years.
  • A virtual reality. Virtual reality is one of the newest technologies with the greatest potential. It is most commonly used in video games, but leading gambling providers such as NetEnt and Microgaming are already investing heavily in its development. In addition, as VR headsets become more and more available, many software developers are looking for ways to create casinos that will be entirely in a virtual environment.
  • E-sports betting. Compared to most modern sports, the e-sports industry is relatively new. Indeed, the bulk of e-sports disciplines are no more than ten years old. At the same time, their popularity is increasing exponentially among almost all segments of the population. The e-sports market is projected to exceed $ 2 billion by 2022. So, it is not surprising that many bookmakers offer users to place bets on tournaments in a wide variety of e-sports.

The online gambling industry dictates rather tough conditions for operators. And in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market, gambling sites must offer relevant and diverse content. Shangri La online casino can become a clear example of development and competent implementation of innovations. The site was launched in 2016 and already at that time offered a good selection – slots, games with live dealers and sports betting. Adapting to the requirements of modern players, today it has a really wide game library – over 2,000 releases. Here are: slots of various themes – quests, fruit, mystic, vampires; slots with elements of skills, scratch cards and new games with odds betting; table and card games – roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack. Users can visit the updated livecasino online section. All games with live dealers are created using advanced technologies, now there are more cameras and the accelerated gameplay. In the sportsbook, you can place bets both before and during the sporting event, added virtual sports and e-sports sections.

One of the latest innovations is a mobile casino

The release of modern smartphones and tablet computers made it possible to take a fresh look at online gambling. With the development of the mobile segment, online casino sites became available in mobile browsers, and special mobile applications appeared – advanced online platforms began to offer specially designed versions of their casinos installed as applications on smartphones and tablets. In early 2021, Shangri La Casino and Sports introduced one of the best mobile gambling apps. The application contains the entire game catalog and supports the main site full functionality.

What you need to know about depositing / withdrawing money in a modern online casino?

In a modern online casino, a player can transfer money using any of dozens of supported payment systems. It is no longer necessary to use only a credit card. All operations are carried out in a protected mode and as quickly as possible. The widespread introduction of crypto currencies is not far off. It will be another step towards increasing the level of security in online casino games. So, using this payment method, players can maintain their anonymity, pay lower commissions and withdraw funds much faster. Moreover, a separate category of crypto games has appeared. They use the “Provably Fair” system, which allows both users and operators to check the game’s results at any time. Already, some casinos are made on blockchain technology and only accept cryptocurrencies. It is expected that the number of such sites will only continue to increase.


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