Out Of Every 7 People, 1 Has A Disability

Did you know that disability in people is often not treated adequately? Do you know the new disability rates in the world? This time find out what you should know.

It has been a quarter of a century since the United Nations General Assembly, with the aim that the welfare and rights of people with disabilities could be promoted. In this way, awareness is raised regarding the social, cultural, political, and social aspects of people with disabilities.

The WHO (World Health Organization) issued an approximate of about one billion people suffer from a disability, precisely 15% of the world population.

Call To Protection

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has repeatedly urged the OAS member countries to establish and maintain mechanisms that achieve interaction and participation of groups with disabilities in people; in this way, they can get involved.

At the same time, it has reiterated the duty that each country has to protect these people and how they should avoid discrimination against them due to their condition.

Data That We Know About Disability In People

Disability In One In Seven

According to the director of the UN Department of Violence, Injury Prevention and Disability said one in seven people in the world has a disability and suffers from discrimination and social stigma at some point, as well as obstacles to making use of it. Of services: Health, education, transportation, among others.

Children: Higher Levels Of Violence

Regarding the issue of disability in people, according to studies carried out by the UN (United Nations Organization), children with disabilities are affected up to four times more than adults by violence and discrimination.

Improper Treatment

When we talk about disability in people, there is a more significant probability that they have inadequate medical treatment for the ailment they suffer and three times that it can be denied them.

High Costs Meaning Poverty

First of all, when it comes to disability in people, there is an approximate that half of the people who suffer from these conditions cannot afford health treatment and suffer from expenses that lead the family to poverty.

Specialized Assistance

People with disabilities require specific treatment of the ailments caused by this problem, such as urinary tract infections, ulcers, depression, or, failing that, paralysis.

Many Wheelchairs

According to the WHO, around 70 million people require wheelchairs, yet only five to 15 percent receive one, and only a few have scooter lifts.

What do you think of the various difficulties that people with disabilities go through?

Clare Louise

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