Outdoor Space Upgrades


If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor space, there are seemingly endless options to choose from. Whether you are looking to make your backyard more entertainment-friendly or perhaps you are trying to update your area for ultimate relaxation, you may want to consider the following options.

Pool or Hot tub

While installing a pool or a hot tub can be a big investment, it is worth your time and money. These luxuries offer both a place for relaxation for you and your family and also make for a great entertainment option for kids and adults.  

Make sure to check with your neighborhood HOA and county guidelines to see if there are any limitations to the new addition. Some areas may not permit above-ground pools, others may require your pool area to be fenced in. No matter what the restrictions are, it is better to know ahead of time than to be halted during your installation process. 

Pergolas & Canopies

If you are looking to add a new shaded area to your outdoor space, installing a pergola or canopy can be a great option. Not only do pergolas and canopies offer an aesthetic upgrade to the space, but they are functional as well. A retractable canopy is a great investment if you would enjoy the versatility to control the amount of direct sunlight in your space.

Seating Upgrades

Imagine having friends and family over and not having to dig out the foldable chairs from the garage. If your home is often used for get-togethers, upgrading your outdoor furniture and eating area is another great investment. Popular choices you may want to consider would be a new picnic table, a fire pit area or outdoor couch options. 

These options are just the start of a long list of possibilities that could make great additions to your outdoor space so be sure to do your research to investigate which upgrades could best suit your lifestyle.

Agnes John

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