OYO Life is the best site to choose from when searching for a PG Accomadation in Mumbai

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra ranks second in India and seventh in the world according to it’s population. This is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. It comprises of numerous newspaper publications, television and radio stations. This is the hub of Indian film making. The city has always been a melting pot of career opportunities and everybody from across the country flock here to pursue their dreams. Its business-oriented work culture, fast-moving lifestyle and high standard of living makes it the ideal bedrock for individuals looking to achieve their career goals.

Now comes the question of getting a proper accomodation in Mumbai. Nowadays OYO Life is a common name for getting proper accommodation and they help to get a PG in Mumbai which is further economical than staying on rent. In terms of maintenance and schedule also PG plays a better role than rented house.

Factors to look for in a PG

Here are some considerable factors that are to be taken into account before choosing a PG:

  • Budgeting

Fix the budget and list down few localities that to be selected to stay in. This will solve many of the hindrances.

  • Technological Help

Search options are made easier with updation of technology and here comes the option of choosing OYO Life.

  • Be organised

Before going for a site visit, make sure to have multiple options in hand. Keeping the address and phone numbers handy will help to save lots of time and energy both.

  • Security and other amenities provision

Check the area security alongwith the availability of all other amenities like hospitals, shopping centres, medical stores, grocery stores, etc .

  • Transport facility

It is always advisable to opt for a place where public transport is easily available.

  • Information through inquiry

The best sources of enquiry are the inmates of the house. They can describe the real picture of the place and can also give feedback about the landlords. But it is to be made sure that it remains as a private conversation and no other person is involved.

  • Clarification of facilities provided

Do check about the amenities included in the rent, like food and maid services, electricity and water bills. Clarify with owner about the additional costs that is expected to bear.

  • Clarify about the restrictions beforehand

Seek clarity beforehand about the things that are of concern. For instance, timings, visiting of parents, friends, choice of food etc.

  • Final go through is a must

The rent agreement should never be signed before reading each and every clause of it.

  • Last and most important step

The last and the most important step is before paying the security money just stay at the place for a week or so and take the final decision.

Amenities provided

OYO PG offers PG in Mumbai like those that can make ones life better with the provision of superb residency including proper amenities as listed below:

  • Bed and Mattress
  • AC
  • Free WiFi
  • TV with DTH
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Washing machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Geyser
  • RO Water Purifier
  • Induction Plate
  • Cookware
  • Power backup 24*7
  • CCTV


Several benefits are provided to the inmates of PG in Mumbai specially when the residence is booked through OYO Life. Those are:

  • New Friendship

Getting very good friends

  • Cost Effective

All facilities and services like accommodation, food, etc. can be availed in less amount

  • Helps to learn

Learning lots of things from room partner

  • Safety and Reliability

It is fully safe and reliable

  • Relaxation and Assurance

In some PGs, not a single work needs to be done. So while staying at PG, saving money and parents not worrying too much as they assured about the safety

  • Teaches Discipline

This helps to become confident, self decision maker and trained

  • Self sufficient along with supervising

This also prepares that how to do work in their own as well as how to supervise the work in a methodical manner

The rented room options available to the residents are:

  • Private room
  • Double sharing
  • Triple sharing

Let’s not wait any more. Youth population in the metropolitan cities owing to wide employment opportunities, best educational institutes and good standard of living now can rely on OYO Life to get Affordable accommodation with all the necessary amenities in a PG in Mumbai. Safety and security is also ensured at it’s best.

Paul Petersen

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