Pest control marketing: Get an agency for your business

Many pest control companies assume that they don’t need online marketing. While word-of-mouth and quality work will positively impact market value in the long run, it is as important to have imposing online presence. Your competitors are online and trying to attract consumers to their pest control services, and there is no reason why you should step back. There is a misconception that marketing for pest control companies has to be expensive. As long as you choose to hire the right agency for your business, you can work around a budget. In this post, we are sharing a few things about hiring marketing agencies for your pest control company. 

Get a free website evaluation

The best way to start discussing your marketing needs is to start with a website evaluation. Most agencies will offer a website audit for free, so you can always get an idea of where you stand with your SEO and marketing at the moment. This also gives a fair idea of the expertise of the agency, as they will also outline the things they can do for your business. 

Review the work of the agency

While online marketing is comprehensive of many things, including SEO and paid marketing, promoting niche services requires expertise. Consider working with an agency that has worked for pest control companies in the past. Ask them about the clients they have and don’t step back from asking for references.

Discuss both SEO and paid marketing

SEO allows you to drive organic traffic to your website, and while that’s great, you may also need PPC and social media marketing at some point. Find an agency that can offer all-inclusive online marketing solutions for your pest control business. As a client, you have the right to know if the company can offer scalable and custom marketing services now and in the future. 

Get an estimate

If a quotation seems too good to be true, it probably is. There are certain costs related to online marketing that must be paid for. If you are just hiring a company for just SEO alone, you can expect to pay a monthly price, but for paid marketing and other services, the costs may be higher. Make sure that you check what’s included in the estimate and not just the final quote. 

Also, ask the marketing agency if they are going to offer regular SEO reports for your pest control business. 

Clare Louise

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