Pet-Friendly Chemicals for Tile and Grout Cleaning

Whenever you hire a company to clean the tiles and grout in your home or office space, your hope is that you will find a company that cares about your pet’s health. They must use chemicals that are neutralizing and safe for pets. This is why hiring professionals from Biz Floor Solutions is a great idea.

How to Clean Tiles and Floors

Tiles are made of porcelain or ceramic and are usually stain-proof. They are also easy to clean and do not require a lot of chemicals to get the job done. However, stones like travertine and marble may be harder to clean because of their porous nature, which means they tend to absorb more dirt. It would be best if you had more time to clean the stones.

On the other hand, grouts are very porous and stain easily. These are often responsible for floor staining and require chemical use to clean correctly. Therefore, with this in mind, regardless of the floor material/ tile used, cleaning the floor and grout requires professional input and proper use of products. It also talks about a time to get it done.

Types of Cleaners Used

There are different types of cleaning products used for tiles and grout cleaning. Usually, the general categories are alkaline or acidic, with alkaline cleaners being above 7PH and acidic below 7PH. It is not always easy to know the safety standard of the cleaning products used by a company you hire unless you ask them. Make a habit of requesting to know the ingredients in the cleaners, especially if you have pets around the house and are concerned about safety levels.

Fortunately, most of the cleaners used around the house have already been neutralized, meaning they are safe to use. All you need is the right equipment to do the job. Just be sure that muriatic acid is used in the house. While its usage is quite rare, watch out for contractors who may attempt to use it for grout and tile cleaning.

How to Clean Tiles and Grout Professionally

Professional companies need truck-mounted units to do a great job. However, for smaller jobs, a portable will work. A truck-mounted unit is the best because of the powerful heater and pressure. They are known to clean the grouts and tiles and neutralize chemicals the best way. It also gets the job done fast enough.

Portable extractors are the next best option for professionals who can’t afford expensive truck-mounted cleaning units. The vacuum motors are powerful, and the heating is also reasonable. These portable units will also get the job done without too much strain.

The old-school mop and bucket will just not cut it. You don’t want to hire a professional that uses this technique as it does not clean the grout despite the elbow grease. There is also the sk of leaving chemical residues behind.

Talk to the professional cleaner to find out which technique they use. You also want to inquire about the chemicals or cleaners they use. While at it, keep your pets away during the cleaning phase and have the experts complete the process first. Talk to Biz Floors today for the right plan.

Alison Lurie

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