Pharmacy Technician – What Does the Future Hold for This Career?

As pharmacies are expanding patient care services, the role of a pharmacy technician will also expand. Pharmacy technicians are currently in high demand and the demand is expected to increase through 2025.

The growing demand for employment for pharmacy technicians is anticipated because of the growing use of medications as treatment and a larger amount of elderly people taking more prescriptions drugs.

There are a number of settings where pharmacy technicians are useful, and their services will continue to be in demand.

Nursing Facilities and Hospitals: Pharmacy technicians are involved in patient care at nursing facilities and hospitals. The technicians will usually fill prescriptions for patients and deliver them. They record the dosages on patient charts.

Community Pharmacies: There are plenty of jobs available in community pharmacies, such as those found in grocery stores. Working in these pharmacies means working with people and keeping customers comfortable and happy. There are plenty of advancement opportunities for technicians who work in these settings.

Mail Order: Mail-order pharmacies have a bigger opportunity to serve more customers than a local pharmacy. For the technician, this means good pay, better benefits, and the possibility of a flexible work schedule. Mail order can be a great place for technicians who want to work independently or behind the scenes instead of dealing directly with patients.

Pharmacy technicians have an important job and care for patients when they are in a vulnerable state. Patients rely on technicians to provide the right medication at the right time and in the correct form in order to stay healthy and become better.

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board is proposing some new changes in 2020 that require certification and an accredited education program. These new changes show how important the profession is to the well-being of patients.

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