Planning Your Wedding: 4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Begin

You’ve been going out for a while, and he’s finally put a ring on it. What now? It’s time to plan that wonderful wedding of your dreams. Planning a wedding is not easy and requires many things to take care of before the big day arrives. You must ask yourself many questions and plan the big day meticulously before you can see yourself as a happy bride.

It can be tough, and you may need to engage all your project management skills, but it’s also fun! Here are a few questions to which you should know the answer before signing any paperwork when making wedding day arrangements. 

What Kind Of Wedding Do You Want?

It’s important to know what kind of wedding you want. Whether you want an ultra-modern swanky upmarket do or a back-to-basics rustic affair, your wedding needs to reflect that. If you have a theme in mind, choosing your venue and decorations will be much easier. There are lots of different wedding types to consider, from luxury glamping weddings to 1920s Great Gatsby weddings. You need to know what you want!

What Is Your Budget?

The next thing you need to know is how much it’s all going to cost. Even if you are only going to be married once, the cost of your wedding is often only exceeded by the price of your house. You will be expected to pay for everything from decorations and food to entertainment and your wedding rings, so it’s important to make sure everything you want for your wedding is attainable through the budget you have allocated for it. If you want a big party with all of your high school and college friends, then decide on that first, and work out whether it’s affordable within the budget. Don’t keep on adding things until it gets too expensive. Deciding on a budget and working within that budget is the best way to avoid disappointment for everyone involved; bride, groom, and in-laws!

Tip: To stretch the budget out a little further, consider going the DIY wedding route or finding nice decor that isn’t marked “wedding.” Usually, decor with the word wedding attached incurs a much higher fee!

What Time Of Year Do You Want To Get Married?

Plan to have your wedding at a time when the season is just right and everyone is available and able to make it. If you’re planning on having it in the summer, set it at a time when people can go to your wedding without booking their vacations or taking time off work or school for the whole day. National holidays are usually best avoided. You’ll want your wedding day to be special for you and those who witness it. If there’s too much going on with the heat and people are distracted, you might end up wishing that it was another time of year when everyone could truly relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Winter weddings are fun, but a snowy paradise may not be suitable for guests who have mobility issues or may get sick in cold weather. Think about where you live and the climate for your wedding. The last thing you want to do is have an outdoor ceremony when the temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and there’s a chance of rain, or have all of your guests attend with cold, dreary weather.

Who Will Help You Plan Your Wedding?

Getting married is a big step, and you need many people to get on board with the idea. You may find yourself suddenly needing to invite a number of people you haven’t seen since high school or make arrangements for people to stay in a hotel when they come from out of town. Having some trusted people helping you to plan your wedding can go a long way in alleviating many of those transportation, inconvenience, and worry-related issues. You may consider it valuable to hire a professional planner. The wedding industry is large, so if you do not have much experience with planning, you’ll likely need some help. A professional party coordinator will be able to coordinate your other vendors and make all the necessary arrangements for everything to run smoothly across the board, including guests and floral arrangements. Ask around or check online for recommendations.

Final Thoughts: Why Thorough Planning Of Your Wedding Is Important

Planning your wedding is important, especially if you want a stress-free and memorable event. By getting everything in order before you sign any paperwork or put down deposits, you’re helping to prevent any potential delays at the last minute and keeping your head clear to enjoy your day. In addition, by knowing what you want and working within a budget, you’ll ensure that everything that is most important to you is designed for your big day from the get-go.


Alison Lurie

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