Pointers for amateur singers at the studio 

Practice makes perfect 

It can be nerve-racking for a newbie to record his/her first song in a studio. As an added encumbrance, the quality of your voice on your big day makes it a challenging ordeal. This is why it’s important to practice as much as possible. In fact, you can go the extra mile and record what you’ve been singing. Playing it back will help you determine which notes sounded right or not. Find your voice, quite literally. You must be in complete control of the situation. Keynotes, vocal techniques, high pitched sounds, etc. should be perfected much in advance in order to avoid unnecessary retakes and autotuning. Memorize the lyrics and tune for an out-and-out flawless performance. 

Do your homework 

Regardless of whether you’re working on a new music track or looking to amp up an already existent track, it’s absolutely imperative that you send the mp3 to your music or sound engineer in advance. Bring your team up to speed in all the latest developments. It can save a colossal amount of time and effort down the line. 

Popping, sibilance and breath sounds 

One may not be familiar with the terminology but this basically refers to popping and hissing sounds that are produced while pronouncing certain letters such as P, B, F, and S. It happens on a regular basis during conversations but we barely even notice it. However, it is very obvious in recordings. This can be easily fixed by distancing yourself from the microphone or angling oneself in a way to evade these sounds. 

Breathing sounds can be eliminated by tilting your head to the side. 

Vocal coaching 

Nearly all music artists have a vocal coach to better their skills. It is necessary to prepare with the coach beforehand so you can give it your all during the finest hour of glory! Being a few steps ahead of the game can instill an enormous amount of confidence. There’s a lot that you can imbibe from your teacher. Following certain rules and guidelines can make a positive change in the outcome. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, stay hydrated and start warming up to the occasion. Avoid intoxicants and sleep well. A healthy lifestyle will bring about a positive outlook. 

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David Curry

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